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It was another sweatfest at my house last night.

The boyfriend was over, so I told him he had to do yoga with me. I’d been missing the strength class since I’ve been going to the studio on Wednesday’s (and I’m not as much of a rockstar as Sandy, who doesn’t count that toward her UY 108…), so I opted to do strength this week instead of detox.

With all the sweating I did though, I’m pretty sure it could count as a detox class.

I was mildly annoyed throughout the whole practice, since the boyfriend doesn’t regularly practice yoga, but he was effortlessly flowing through the practice… And was jumping back through chatturanga. Seriously!? No fair.

I decided it’s because he’s so much stronger than me, and does push ups for fun. SMH. I’m going to throw the balance class at him next time… See how he likes that! Psh.

That being said, it was a really great practice. My arms were DYING, like usual. I couldn’t hold them out the entire time in warrior & horse, I simply couldn’t FEEL them any longer TO hold them up. LOL

It was kind of fun getting to help him with some modifications, or tweaking his pose so that his alignment was better… maybe I DO have some “want” to teach…

Since the boyfriend was there, I also had him snap a pic of me in a pose, since normally I can’t get yoga photos. Unfortunately, the lighting wasn’t the best and he didn’t use the flash, so the quality isn’t the best… but here is me in bow pose!

I’m super excited to get home and do today’s practice! I’ll probably blog it when I’m done 🙂




I’ll be honest and admit that I haven’t completed the corresponding DVD to go with every day of UY in the past two weeks.

However, I *have* at least done SOME form of yoga every day. My children have been sleeping like crap and it’s been near impossible for me to roll out of bed each morning, alive. I can’t even fathom rolling out of bed and actually practicing a full 60-80mins of intense vinyasa in that condition. Eek.

A few days I opted to sleep in and do my practice at night, which is even worse I think than fighting through the sleepies in the morning and getting it done. So, I’m not making a habit if that one. Now that I’ve gotten used to it, I’m definitely a morning practitioner.

So, here we are. Day 52. Almost halfway completed.

Yesterday was one of the days that I practiced at night, it was actually 9:40pm before I even started (balance). I was tired. My daughter had barely slept the night before. She was up screaming her head off from about 11pm untli 3:30am. The joys of motherhood.

But, I knew I really needed yoga and I really need the balance class. Both physically and mentally.

We’ve already established I’m a nutcase. I love navasana. I love balance poses. I love the intensity, the rush, then the bliss that follows. Travis Eliot’s balance class is SO that. I laugh a lot, through beads of sweat. I roll my eyes. I breathe. My core is constantly being put to work and I’m aware that I’m alive and working

There is very little that compares to the rush of excitement when you realize you somehow managed to stay balanced on one foot for the duration of the pose. It may have not been pretty. It may have hurt like a biatch. But, dang it, I did it! << I had that feeling of triumph on the second side of the warrior 3 pose flow. I wobbled. I wasn’t as graceful as the instructors on the dvd… but I managed to keep my right foot off the ground the whole time!

It was hot and muggy in my room. I was literally dripping sweat. It was super hard to keep hold of my ankle in…. dancer? pose because I was so slick. But, it was amazing.

 photo IMG_20130521_221721_258_zpse7b61f9b.jpg

Glistening with sweat. Yes, I paused the dvd to snap a photo.

The savasana and good night’s sleep that followed the practice were even more amazing. I haven’t had a workout that satisfying in a while, and you all know how much I love yoga.

It was a mind game though. I had to talk myself into keeping the dvd in multiple times. I was ready to quit and go to bed because it was so late… But in the end I completed the whole class, and got to bed at around 11:40.

Then it was morning yoga this am at 6:15 at the studio. It was a super sweet class and I just love my fellow Main Street yogarians, and my yogamama Kath ❤

I’ll try to get back in the blogging groove.



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