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It’s Monday morning. *Happy sigh*

Yes, you read that right… happy.

I don’t recall many Mondays in my life that I’ve woken up and felt so ready to go. I’m all smiley and chipper and it’s not even 8 am. I haven’t even ate breakfast OR had coffee. It’s all yoga.

If you are NOT a morning person, and definitely NOT a Monday morning person. You should try it. It’s, as one of my bff would say, amazeballs.

Like 99% of the practices, yoga was just what I needed it to be this morning. I got there and my neck felt stiff. My spine felt a bit compressed and I just wanted to roll around, self soothing, and go back to bed. The practice Kath led was all about back and front today. The antagonists of abdominal wall and back.

She threw in the same asana throughout the practice.. its name is escaping me right now… and it was amazing to witness the changes in my body every time we revisited the pose. It was one of those “ah ha” “so that’s what that feels like” moments. It was refreshing.

We closed our practice with a series of sun salutes. They are always so powerful when I’m in the front row and the sun is right there. Reaching to the point it feels just out of reach.

I can hardly believe it’s already day 29. It’s so bittersweet because I made it… BUT it’s ending. I’m happy that Kath will get to sleep more, and practice for herself. But I’m so sad that I won’t see these people, that are so kind and good, on a regular basis anymore. We’ll all go back to our busy lives and many of us will lose touch until next April.

Day 29.



Spring is here!

…for today.

I slept horribly last night because apparently something happened to our furnace and both my grandparents and I were awaken to this odd gassy smell… I was convinced we were going to die of CO poisoning… I even checked all the ovens and burners, TWICE. But alas, it was the furnace and my grampa found the problem.

Even so, my alarm went off this morning and I got up. I actually felt pretty decent. Got ready and was pleasantly surprised when I opened the front door and was greeted by the crisp, but just cool, air. It wasn’t freezing! There was no frost! Woooot.

I had a shocking encounter as I got to town this morning, some crazy with a joint in her hand waited on the sidewalk as I got out of my car **before six am!**, to ask me for a lighter. Are you kidding me?

She seemed rather “off”. I gave her a polite “No, I don’t smoke” and went about my way… Creeeeper.

Yoga, day 9.

I did something to my glute in the past few days. It’s sore on the left side. I want to baby it & stretch it out at the same time. I want the lingering pain in it to subside and leave me alone. It’s rather annoying and it’s one of those muscles you can’t even complain about because people raise their eyebrows at you and think dirty thoughts. No people, it’s not ACTUALLY my butt. It’s my MUSCLE. It hurts.

You can tell even the sun is embracing spring, finally. This morning the sun came up early and we got to do our entire practice with the sun beams traveling through the windows. We could see the sun just behind the trees on the horizon. It was beautiful. At least we get a second day of sunshine before the April showers make their appearance. (Bringing along that disgusting smell of WORMS and mud.)

 photo IMG_20130409_081546_zps6145a04f.jpg

We did a lot of shouder and hamstring work this morning. I met it with excitement. My shoulders have been SO tight the past few days. It felt amazing to focus so much energy between my shoulders, through my traps, and down in my arms. I could feel my deltoids lengthening. Mmmmmm. It was delicious.

We did some slightly “weird” strap stretch (I say “weird” because it isn’t really, unless you were an onlooker and then I’m sure we looked insane) for our hammy’s and that was yummy too. There is nothing like stretching to start your day.

 photo IMG_20130409_071504_842_zps99239e7b.jpg

My beaten Manduka eko lite mat: Front & center, soaking up the sunshine as it fills the room.

I had an optometrist appointment at 8, so I hung out in the lounge a while then went and got an ice coffee & sat in the sun outside. It was so nice to be able to enjoy the spring day for a few moments. I breathed it all in.

These are the moments we need to hang on to.



Regrettably, I missed Monday’s core class. I woke up Monday morning with my first ever UTI, I’m quite positive it came straight from Hell. I sucked it up at work, went to a dr’s appt where it was confirmed, but couldn’t wait for the prescription (another 45 mins >.<) so I miserably went back to work… At 3pm I couldn’t take it anymore so I left work early to get my prescription and go home to my amazingly comfortable bed.

Buttttt, antibiotics and pain killers are magical things and I woke up Tuesday morning almost pain free and read to take on life again. This morning, it’s like nothing was ever wrong… Except I am still drinking a million more oz’s of water than usual because it’s hot and I want to be sure to flush all the bacteria out… so I’ve had to pee a zillion times.

Anyway, so I went to today’s drop in class to make up for it… Boy, was I in for a treat.

I didn’t realize that it’s the summer solstice today.

Which means…. Super dee ooper special hardcore class. Of course on the Summer Solstice, that is 95ish degrees out, and sunny… We have to salute the sun! Soooo…. We did a 21 Sun Salute. That’s right folks, 21 sun salutations. We threw in some variations like warrior, triangle, jumping through… and i forget what else.

But I did really well at focusing on my breath, and I survived the class. My arms felt like fiery jello after though… They are a lot stronger than before, but I have a long way to go in the upper body strength department.

It was awesome and I felt pretty proud of me for being able to mostly do low pushups every time. I still can’t glide through to up dog, which is crazy annoying.. but someday!

Then when I got home, I ate, then took the kids swimming. Little Miss was swimming with only arm swimmies on!!! And the Monster was swimming underwater like a fish! He even kept “diving” down to the bottom to touch it! ❤ They are getting TOO big!

I’ll edit with pics tomorrow, they’re on my camera… which is dead.



This morning I actually felt decent getting up before the sun… but I was kind of hoping the roads would be treacherous again and I could lay in bed longer. I peered out of my window and there had been no more snow last night… So I pulled on my yoga pants, quickly got “human”, and off I went.

I don’t go to yoga begrudgingly. I’m always happy to be there. It’s just that initial “snooze” effect. I want “five more minutes” of sleep. Of nothingness. I’m holding on to the comfort of my bed. The quiet of my sleeping children (which doesn’t happen often). As soon as I get to the studio and get on my mat, all of that disappears though. Then I’m holding onto every moment, trying to stretch each one so that I can stay in that blissful place away from my reality. Sadly, after savasana, it all comes back and reality hits me like a ton of bricks. Bam! It’s time for work. It’s time for traffic, following water trucks that probably are going to kick up rocks, or dust, or whatever onto my car. It’s time for the endless piles of paperwork and phone messages. Everyone wants something. All. The. Time.

They really should take up yoga and just CHILL OUT for a little while and give everyone else a break. Ha. Wishful thinking right? I guess I chose the wrong field. I should’ve just been a dreamer.

Today’s class was full of suns, planks, and hamstring stretches. My core and hamstrings are the two places that I need to strengthen the most, so I am always glad that Kath forces me to do them. (and yes, she forces me, with a smile even. Makes you want to hate her but she’s too sweet). We even got to play in navasana a little, singing “row, row, row your boat”. Have I mentioned that our yoga classes rock? So fun. More than a bit of a burning sensation in my abdomen… but fun!

I was a bit disappointed that the million suns we did didn’t make the sun come out. But it seemed to be shining a little this afternoon so, you’re welcome.

Until tomorrow,


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