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Alright, so once again I’ve been MIA. I think most of my blog posts start that way.

We have had a very busy couple of weeks since my mom was here to visit. We went on a wedding crafting marathon and knocked a bunch of stuff off of our to do list for the wedding! It’s getting closer! 2.5 months to go!

In addition to the craziness of wedding planning/crafting, April is Yoga challenge month at the studio I practice at (though I’ve been a stranger to it for over a year now.. which is sad).

I keep meaning to get there on a regular basis but life happens and I fail. So, when I got the email last month about this years yoga challenge, I thought it was the perfect opportunity to get my practice AT the studio back on track, and get my family to realize once a week really wouldn’t be a hardship… especially after 30 consecutive days figuring it out.

Last night (Day 9) was probably one of the top 3 practices of my life. It was amazing. There were only 3 students in the evening class, and we’re all at similar levels, so our wonderful yogamama decided to shake it up, face us in a circle, and practice with us! It was empowering.

Thursday’s are “Sunsational Yoga” where we do variations of sun salutations, so that’s what we did last night, among some other fun stuff. It was especially exciting when we were deeply in a set of 5 Surya namaskara B’s and with my eyes closed I saw a bright flash of light (I assumed from a camera), and then as I was in a chatturanga-low pushup… BOOM. A building shaking boom. It was pretty scary. I think we all lost our breath at that moment and had to take a second to get back in the flow of that Surya B! Funny thing is, it didn’t thunder or lightning again the whole night.

I left that practice feeling fantastic.  All week I’ve had this overflowing feeling of happiness. “My cup runneth over” sort of feeling. It’s been a culmination of the wedding, my mom being in town, my awesome kids, and spending time with my yoga family at the studio. It makes me wonder how I survived the past year and a half only going sporadically.

I had planned to recap each day individually but to be honest I cant remember which day was what anymore, so I’ll just say that I’m loving the challenge, loving my life, and I’m looking forward to the future!

Oh: the other most notable moment from the challenge this far was last Thursday, during Sandy’s Sunsational class. Her granddaughter was here on a visit and practiced next to me. We had a few moments during the practice where our gazes met, we shared smiles, and even a giggle at my point. There are two things I just couldn’t help but feeling during that practice with young M next to me: Hope– because she reminded me of my kids and I hope they love yoga like she does someday, and because it’s the kids like her and my own children that will carry on all of our values and practices, hopefully including yoga! And the other thing… Joy. Pure joy. I just kept noticing during the practice (and well after) that I was just simply elated. I couldn’t help but to smile. I have been that way every since. I feel lighter. I am happy. ❤



Regrettably, I missed Monday’s core class. I woke up Monday morning with my first ever UTI, I’m quite positive it came straight from Hell. I sucked it up at work, went to a dr’s appt where it was confirmed, but couldn’t wait for the prescription (another 45 mins >.<) so I miserably went back to work… At 3pm I couldn’t take it anymore so I left work early to get my prescription and go home to my amazingly comfortable bed.

Buttttt, antibiotics and pain killers are magical things and I woke up Tuesday morning almost pain free and read to take on life again. This morning, it’s like nothing was ever wrong… Except I am still drinking a million more oz’s of water than usual because it’s hot and I want to be sure to flush all the bacteria out… so I’ve had to pee a zillion times.

Anyway, so I went to today’s drop in class to make up for it… Boy, was I in for a treat.

I didn’t realize that it’s the summer solstice today.

Which means…. Super dee ooper special hardcore class. Of course on the Summer Solstice, that is 95ish degrees out, and sunny… We have to salute the sun! Soooo…. We did a 21 Sun Salute. That’s right folks, 21 sun salutations. We threw in some variations like warrior, triangle, jumping through… and i forget what else.

But I did really well at focusing on my breath, and I survived the class. My arms felt like fiery jello after though… They are a lot stronger than before, but I have a long way to go in the upper body strength department.

It was awesome and I felt pretty proud of me for being able to mostly do low pushups every time. I still can’t glide through to up dog, which is crazy annoying.. but someday!

Then when I got home, I ate, then took the kids swimming. Little Miss was swimming with only arm swimmies on!!! And the Monster was swimming underwater like a fish! He even kept “diving” down to the bottom to touch it! ❤ They are getting TOO big!

I’ll edit with pics tomorrow, they’re on my camera… which is dead.



I am happy to report that despite my busy day yesterday, I still managed to get a practice in!

I had a very busy day yesterday, we went to one of my friends’ house for a cinco de mayo lunch of enchiladas, yum! Then we met the boyfriend and hiked the bike trail, the monster road his bike and was super awesome (he’s only been riding 2wheeler for a couple weeks). Little miss wanted to show off too, so she was doing all kids of tricks in the stroller, she’s a goof.

After the bike trail we headed to Grama K’s for a while and then the boyfriend and I went to a friend’s house. I realized I still hadn’t got my practice in, so I took over part of their living room floor and did a 20 minute practice, sun salutes with the warrior flow added in. I stayed in my forward folds for forever, and even threw in a few utkatasanas. Even though I normally don’t like warriors or chairs… I just felt like I needed them. I needed the openness that comes with those poses, the exposure. I’m not sure why, but I did. And they felt so good.

Today’s practice wasn’t as great. I didn’t get much sleep last night and I definitely felt it all day today. But, I did do the kids yoga video with the kids. They were half trying, it’s cute to watch them learn, and we now use some pranayam in coming back to the “green zone” when the monster crosses that line during a meltdown.

This is my last week as an undergrad! It’s crazy and exciting, scary too. I have a job, the start of a career in HR, but it’s still scary.  I worry about the unknowns of my future, but I know it’ll all work out. I just have to keep everything in perspective.

Can’t wait for class in the morning!



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