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Another rainy morning here in the mountains.

Another morning where I reluctantly rolled out of bed. The mental chatter this morning was literally: “I don’t want to get out of bed.” “I should get out of bed.” “I don’t even have to pee! Getting out of bed is unnecessary.” “I have to get out of bed. I have yoga.” “I NEED yoga.” “I NEED TO GET OUT OF BED” ***finally schleps out of bed.***

Yes. That was me. The sloth.

It was one of those mornings where I totally understand how sometimes, sloths fall to their deaths from their slowwwwww descent in trees, because they don’t even realize it and they let go of both their hands and feet (err… paws?) at the same time. Boom.

I felt like THAT sloth this morning. My brain wasn’t firing. My body was barely even maintaining the typical 5:45 auto pilot.

I was sleep-walking/driving/moving.

I got to yoga and had a mini heart-attack as “Flo” the Progessive spokeswoman, was standing the door at the insurance broker downstairs next to the beautiful door #10 (it’s a life size cardboard cut-out.. tomorrow i’ll take her picture).

Bam. I’m awake. Thank you Flo.

So it began. The enlivening. The waking up of my neurons. The stretching of my spine. The breathing. The prana.

Class was like a hike up a mountain today. It started slow, warming up, focusing on stretching, lengthening. Then, just as a hike would progress as you know you’re reaching the peak, the pace picked up. We went from slowww suns, to Ashtanga Surya B’s. Helllllo fire in my thighs, there you are. I can honestly say I kind of missed you… though I do hate you (chair pose). Warriors. Pow. Right there. Fire radiating from my core, through my hips, into my legs/thigh. Good Morning!

Then it was time for savasana. I never thought i’d say it, but I was actually disappointed it was time for savasana today. I was ready to ROCK. Let’s do this thing! But, savasana never disappoints and it was sweet and healing. My body stayed buzzing, I stayed wide awake (yes, even at 7am, I stayed awake in savasana). I’m pretty sure I *actually* meditated during that time today. It was new, it was nice.

Then I captured Kath for a conversation, I always feel a little guilty because I’m like *that* annoying student back in school. Let me stay after, or get there early, to trap the teacher into giving me more knowledge, more of their support, their blessing and attention.

Let’s be honest though… I have ALWAYS been *that* student. All through school, any place I ever lived, I was *that* kid. It’s me, so I just have to accept it as normality. Sorry Kath. 😛

I guess it’s the price those teachers pay for having that wisdom and giving it away to students though, so really, I’m just grateful to them… and to myself for having the courage to allow them to pass it on, even just by being in their presence.

I’ll abruptly end this post by letting you in on some humor from my life. Yesterday, I left yoga to go to work, at a very un-yogic atmosphere (and industry). I’m the only one that is even slightly a yogi/hippie/free-spirit type, and it works for me and the company, though I do get some flack about it.

Ridiculous but perfect e-card material? I think so.

Ridiculous but perfect e-card material? I think so.

I walk in and have a realization. I forgot something in the lounge at the studio. So before I even realize it, out comes… “Dang it! I left my granola at yoga!”

My boss looks at me and raises his eyebrows… Like “really?!” and says “Could that statement be ANY more crunchy!?”

It could have. It would have been even better if i’d have had one of my homemade green monster juices in hand that morning. ha.

 photo IMG_20130412_102453_116_zpsab3cdab6.jpg

Chobani Greek Yogurt: Pear w/ granola

I’m happy to report I got my granola back today.

Day 12.




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