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Last night I was laying in bed, right before I fell asleep when I remembered that I had morning yoga at the studio today. That meant I had to get back up, pack a bag for the morning, and set my alarm for a little earlier.

I did. I even got up with the alarm and made it to yoga (though it was actually late and they were just waiting for me a couple mins after 6:15. I got stuck at the redlight at 6:14 and was like REALLY!?)

I’m so glad I got to have this morning practice. It was delightful. Hip openers galore, my favorite.A lengthy pigeon is exactly how I like to start my day.

My deltoids are sore. I could feel my arms wobbling each time I’d be exerting any arm strength. They’ve been working hard the past 38 days. Luckily, it shows so I’m not just miserably sore. Instead I’m all Yay! I’m sore because I’m getting MUSCLES! wooot!

So two wonderful ladies that I practice with at the studio have committed to 108 days too. All 3 of us have started it before and stopped for one reason or another. This time we’re in it for all 108 (well, that is the plan). I’ve continued with the 108 after my 30 days in April, Sandy decided to start “over” so that she’s in line with the facebook group doing round 3 of 108 along with Yariv. I’m not sure if Kath is continuing (she is our fearless leader, our yogamama, and has an amazing established home practice already) or if she has started at 1 with the group… but yea, one way or another we’re all going to do it!

We took a picture today after class…

Sandy, Kath, & Me. Here we go!

I’m so excited. I really hope I manage to stick with it, even if it’s just a short and sweet, or some suns, or something. I really want to make it all 108.

I’d love to hear from anyone else that is going to start the journey too (or any new journey, however long)!




Woot, I finally did it! I double dipped at the studio. It was a similar practice to the morning. Same basic poses: hip openers, pigeon, and some twists… but quite a bit more intense and bendy. Ahhh I love afternoon/evening classes. Love.

I do love morning classes too, but for completely different reasons. If only there was enough time in the day to have 3 practices, first thing in the am, after work, AND before bed. Ahh, amazing. Maybe someday, when I’m a millionaire. haha. yea right.

I love pigeon. I have super open hips and I have to really try to find the sweet spot in pigeon that I feel something, but when I do… ahh. So sweet.

We also did a seated wide angle forward fold. We hadn’t done that a while and man, Kath pushed me (well us) to my limit and it felt so great. Intense for sure, but so good.

I can feel yesterday’s practice(s) in my back, and my hips. But it’s a good sort of “alive” feeling.

I was planning to get up and go to the morning class today but… I overslept and woke up at 7:15… so obviously that didn’t happen. I’ll do a home practice tonight, maybe with the “10 min solutions” netflix video, and do some planks and the ab session.

Speaking of plank, I also held plank for about a minute after yesterday’s evening class. I used grip-its, because I have weak wrists (that have been injured more than once) and they start hurting with too many down-dogs and plank.. So I’m trying to get used to using grip-its and hopefully not hurt them anymore. Plank is sooo hard. But it makes me feel strong when I manage to hold it for longer than a breath. 😛

Can’t wait for graduation! 2 days!



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