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This morning has been crazy.

I woke up, snoozed the alarm like an idiot… and fell back asleep. That’s TEN MINUTES I didn’t have! I don’t give myself much time in the morning because all I do is pee, brush my teeth, put on shoes and grab my bag. Well, this morning I was out in record time because that alarm went off at 5:58am. My car clock read 6:00am when I got in (so it may have been like 6:01 according to my phone.

I didn’t even grab shoes this morning. Oops. Luckily I had flipflops in the car so I didn’t have to look like a crazy person when I got to town and ran into the studio barefoot. (Though, I’m sure it’s happened, considering we all want to be barefoot). 

I got there. I was even on time. Then the practice was great. It was actually pretty similar to last nights short and sweet, but with a few other things thrown in there, and a few things subbed. It was an intense practice for the morning and I got a little more sweaty than I like since I have to go straight to work. Oh well.

I had a brief passing thought during the practice “I should cut my hair. It’s freaking hot.” But, I won’t. Then I’d cry. Though, I think this summer is going to be insanely hot with my long hair.

#Longhairdontcare? Sorta.

I’m sore today, especially through my side body. All those lateral angles in last night’s practice (and then this mornings practice) apparently got me. It feels good, I haven’t been this sore in a while. I think it’s because it was something “different”. It’s delicious.

Also, everyone that has a smartphone should download Voxer. It turns your phone into a walkie talkie. It’s pretty much the beezneez.

And with that, I should get back to work.

Enjoy this beautiful day! Namaste,



Man. This getting up to do yoga at home in the early morning thing… It’s rough.

I laid in bed until 5:57am. I didn’t want to get up. I knew what was coming, since I’ve done these dvd’s before and detox… It’s a GREAT practice. One of my favorites for sure…but as it’s part of the “ultimate” series… It’s NOT easy. Knowing that you have such intensity headed your way can be crippling (at least to me). I can’t trick myself into thinking it’ll be a nice gentle practice like I can at the studio… Even though I have a block handy, a tie (for my make-shift strap until I buy one…), and a box of tissues all near my mat.

I know what’s in store. There is no fooling me.

So finally, I sucked it up, and I started. BOTH children were already awake and in my room. Little Miss insisted that she have the other mat next to mine to “do it wif youuu”. Which lasted all of 5 minutes.

I got my ujjayi breath and struggled to keep track of it through the practice. I had a few beautiful moments I had to pause and photograph.. Just so you can get a glimpse of *why* I keep insisting on this morning practice, though I’m NOT a morning person, and just being awake at 6am is a challenge for me.

So here’s a peak…

I caught a glimpse of this beautiful sunlit hillside & our maple tree during a twist.

During lateral angle, I saw my shadow on the wall from the light of the open window.

In those brief moments I was reminded how lucky I am. Lucky to be able to practice; to have found yoga; to be a part of this world and be able to watch the beauty of a clear spring morning.

The twists of the detox practice were invigorating. I know that I definitely need a good detox. I’m looking forward to the cleanse coming up & I’m going to really focus on making healthier choices when it comes to eating. If I can’t picture where it came from… I’m not going to eat it, at least for the most part, for the rest of this challenge. I need to fuel my body for this intensity because it definitely is NOT a joke, or a walk in the park.

I was reading Veggie Vinyasa’s blog yesterday, and she posted about the Dhyana May “Pose a day” Challenge. I decided, since I’m going to be doing yoga every day in May, why not try to get some photo’s & participate in “pose a day”? So I did.

This was last night’s May 1 photo, following the session of “hardcore”. Which was SUCH  a sweet feeling after the intensity of the core work. Mmmm. Paschimottanasana. (And oh look, I actually have some muscle tone now!!!!)

May 1: Forward fold (seated)

And then this morning during my practice, I had my five year old monster snap a photo of a Downward Dog, for May 2.

May 2: Downward Dog

Another day. Another beginning. Another downward dog.



It’s here. The last day of April. The last day of the Main Street Yoga April yoga challenge. Day 30. I am finished. I did it! 30 days for $30.

All those hearts are MINE! 😀 ❤

It’s an ending but also just the beginning as I continue on my journey with The Ultimate Yogi. I get to reacquaint myself with Travis Eliot. I’ll reestablish my love/hate relationship with him (emphasis on the love… though sometimes I really have to grit my teeth during his practices and remember to BREATHE).

The end of the month of April is so bittersweet. I love my fellow Main Street yogarians. The community that Kath has brought together there is just amazing. So much positive qi (chi). You can’t hang out with those people and ever feel like you’re less. They bring out the best of you (well, me).

Looking back on this month, it’s been such a transformative journey already. April started with craziness for me. It was freezing. The morning practices would start in blackness and some days even finish dark. There was frost & the need to blast the heat on high for half of my trip to the studio. The days have now lengthened. The sun is already on the rise when my alarm goes off in the morning, and the sun is still on it’s descent after the evening class is finished. It’s been warm enough to wear a sundress, without also wearing goosebumps. It’s been rainy and miserable. It’s been sunny and beautiful.

Every time I meet my mat, I’m different. The mat, the postures, the space, they are all the same. But I am different. Each time I’m more in tune with my body. Getting to know what it needs, what it means when it feels a certain way. One day I may be vulnerable, the next needy, or strong, weak, wild, spunky, scared, timid, joyful. Some days I’m just existing. Other days I am alive, pulsing with the prana, feeling the breath awaken the dusty depths of my soul.

Every day I am different.

Every time I get on my mat, I am transformed.

Thank you Kath, for the start of this beautiful transformation.



A big congratulatory “Om” to all of my yogis that completed the April challenge, and to all of those that are starting their own.


It’s Monday morning. *Happy sigh*

Yes, you read that right… happy.

I don’t recall many Mondays in my life that I’ve woken up and felt so ready to go. I’m all smiley and chipper and it’s not even 8 am. I haven’t even ate breakfast OR had coffee. It’s all yoga.

If you are NOT a morning person, and definitely NOT a Monday morning person. You should try it. It’s, as one of my bff would say, amazeballs.

Like 99% of the practices, yoga was just what I needed it to be this morning. I got there and my neck felt stiff. My spine felt a bit compressed and I just wanted to roll around, self soothing, and go back to bed. The practice Kath led was all about back and front today. The antagonists of abdominal wall and back.

She threw in the same asana throughout the practice.. its name is escaping me right now… and it was amazing to witness the changes in my body every time we revisited the pose. It was one of those “ah ha” “so that’s what that feels like” moments. It was refreshing.

We closed our practice with a series of sun salutes. They are always so powerful when I’m in the front row and the sun is right there. Reaching to the point it feels just out of reach.

I can hardly believe it’s already day 29. It’s so bittersweet because I made it… BUT it’s ending. I’m happy that Kath will get to sleep more, and practice for herself. But I’m so sad that I won’t see these people, that are so kind and good, on a regular basis anymore. We’ll all go back to our busy lives and many of us will lose touch until next April.

Day 29.


This morning was another killer.

I think back to the morning classes that started this month and in my memory they went like this: A super sweet warm up. A long stretchy ascent, brief peak, a slow cool down with a lengthy restful savasana where I always wanted to go back to sleep. They were almost *too* sweet though perfect. I missed the edge.

Now it’s all wham bam, thank you ma’am. It’s amazing how after class, even with them being 100% different, I am still all blissed out and feel awesome, in the same way. But man, she’s been kicking our behinds and I want to be lazy! LOL  (For the record, I’m totally glad she ISN’T going easy on us. We need challenge in order to grow).

I told Kath that if she’s going to continue killing us, great. I love it. BUT if she ever decides to divulge what type of practice it’s going to be (and it’s not a sweet easy practice) to LIE. I don’t want to know beforehand.

Mornings are still getting increasingly harder to get up. Every morning it’s “can’t I just go to the 5:30pm class?” “NO BRITTANY, GET YOUR BUTT OUT OF BED”. You would think by now it’d be getting to be routine. I’m even forced to go to bed by 10:30pm! Craziness, especially considering I’m a nightowl and going to bed before midnight has always been a struggle. Now I can’t even stay up and watch a full length show on Netflix after the kids go to bed!

It’s a beautiful spring day today & the weather forecast says it will be a beautiful weekend too. I’m thinking it’s a short-day-at-the-office kind of day… The kind where I rush home to get a quick nap in with the kids and then we can do something awesome, like go fishing!

Have a happy day!


You know the expression “become one with the Earth”?

I’ve always thought it was kinda cheesy. Like, really?! Not going to happen.

The more time I spend on my mat, the more I “get” it, this concept of becoming one. Not just with the earth, but with yourself. Blending breath with your body. Your heart/mind/spirit, working in unison. Building sweet harmonies, all on the foundation of the breath.

Break it down a little deeper… We are made up of water and other particles. We need the air to function. We need the Earth. We need trees, sun, soil, water. That is life.

Everytime you breath in, you’re using the earth. Everytime you exhale, you’re building the earth. It’s a continuous give and take. We all know, we take way more than we give from the earth. How can we give back more? How can we change ourselves so that we recognize our greed and halt it in it’s tracks, so we can ration the sweetness the earth has to offer? What can you do?

It’s the start of gardening season. Can you plant something this year? Anything. A flower. A pumpkin. A tree. Some corn/peas/broccoli/tomatoes? Put your fingers in the soil and get the dirt under your nails. Feel it. Recognize it for what it is and what it does for you.

Just as sometime in your day pause for a moment, mindfully take inventory of your breath. You probably are breathing very shallowly. Can you deepen your breath and feel that in your chest? Feel how the breath makes you come alive. Feel your heart beating. Feel your ribs expand as you breath in the crisp spring air.

Pranakriya yoga is so alivening. The attention we give to our breathing in these classes is delicious. The breath is front and center. Victorious breathing; Ujjayi. It’s a lifeforce. It is what keeps us alive. There truly aren’t even words powerful enough to describe the feeling of those moments, during and immediately after the intensity that is pranakriya. Entwining breath with motion so seamlessly that it’s as if you cannot do one without the other…. Then the sweet floating that comes from just doing nothing and soaking it all in. Nothing in your mind but the breath and your inner light. Breathing in more light, exhaling all darkness.

In that moment, you are able to become one.



It’s the last full week of the challenge. Week 3. Wooo. It’s still just the beginning for me since I’m planning to stay in the groove for 108, but still, once more baby step toward a great milestone.

Monday mornings are always important. They not only start your day, but your whole week! It’s such an important hinge-point. How is my day going to be? How is my week going to be? How am I going to feel through everything that happens? Am I going to be patient? Strong? Aware? Can I focus my attention on each moment, watching mindfully as first it comes, then it slips quietly away?

Monday mornings, the biggest hurdle is to GET UP.

Get up. Dress up. Show up.

I love going to the studio on Monday mornings. I have that accountability factor that motivates me to get there. This morning it was freezing, so I put on my yoga capris… Then covered them with fuzzy fleece pink leopard pajama pants.

Kath and “kind yoga man” were quick to pick on me for wearing pajamas, but in reality I was just prepared for my day…and besides, who can be grumpy even at 6am when you’re wearing hot pink leopard pajama pants?! Not this girl! (Dang, I should have taken a photo!)

That first stretch is always so amazing. Creating space and lengthening the spine, after it’d been slept on and crunched. My spine is always joyful with the release of tension.

Yoga is a place where I am happy to be tall and have my spine as long as possible. It’s a new thing because I have always been self-conscious of my height. Yoga has helped me get to a better place with it and stand proud (most of the time).

 photo ff066df8-83e6-4229-a3e0-6e8fdfa8e6d6_zps26ab568b.jpg

Down to 9!



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