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This morning has been crazy.

I woke up, snoozed the alarm like an idiot… and fell back asleep. That’s TEN MINUTES I didn’t have! I don’t give myself much time in the morning because all I do is pee, brush my teeth, put on shoes and grab my bag. Well, this morning I was out in record time because that alarm went off at 5:58am. My car clock read 6:00am when I got in (so it may have been like 6:01 according to my phone.

I didn’t even grab shoes this morning. Oops. Luckily I had flipflops in the car so I didn’t have to look like a crazy person when I got to town and ran into the studio barefoot. (Though, I’m sure it’s happened, considering we all want to be barefoot). 

I got there. I was even on time. Then the practice was great. It was actually pretty similar to last nights short and sweet, but with a few other things thrown in there, and a few things subbed. It was an intense practice for the morning and I got a little more sweaty than I like since I have to go straight to work. Oh well.

I had a brief passing thought during the practice “I should cut my hair. It’s freaking hot.” But, I won’t. Then I’d cry. Though, I think this summer is going to be insanely hot with my long hair.

#Longhairdontcare? Sorta.

I’m sore today, especially through my side body. All those lateral angles in last night’s practice (and then this mornings practice) apparently got me. It feels good, I haven’t been this sore in a while. I think it’s because it was something “different”. It’s delicious.

Also, everyone that has a smartphone should download Voxer. It turns your phone into a walkie talkie. It’s pretty much the beezneez.

And with that, I should get back to work.

Enjoy this beautiful day! Namaste,



Ahhhhhh. <<that was a sigh of sweet, sweet contentment. Not to be confused with AHHHHH!!!

Morning yoga. Enough said for those that practice it, especially for those who were at this morning’s revitalizing prana filled class at MSY.

I just have to admit that when I got to class (which was full btw and I almost had a panic that: MAN, IF i WAS ANY LATER I COULD HAVE MISSED OUT ON MAT SPACE AND BE AWAKE FOR NOTHING!) I had only been awake for 20 minutes… and I have a 12 minute drive. I got out of bed at 5:50, already dressed in my yoga garb with a bag packed. Brushed my teeth, donned my shoes and was shocked that it was FREEZING and my car was dusted in this ridiculous white stuff they like to call “snow”. In April, I would rather call it GONE. >.<

So it began…

Navasana in my morning yoga practice? Hell yes. I’m almost thinking that is something I need every morning, full practice or not. I freaking LOVE navasana. Today it wasn’t even a nod to navasana… which always bums me out. It was a full on, million breath with khapalabati, OMG I’M HAVING A SEIZURE AND MY CORE IS SCREAMING, navasana; which of course meant it was followed immediately with heaven.

I can only think of one thing in the world that compares to the bliss after navasana…

Let me go on a tangent quick, and just make part of the record that I’m sitting at my desk, it’s 8:21 am, and I haven’t started drinking my daily single cup of coffee yet. Guess what is on my face? A smile. Ha. I completely forgot that it was possible for the muscles in my face to act in such a manner before either 10am or coffee. Boy, do I love to be surprised like that.

 photo PicsArt_1364906582305_zps9967675c.jpg

My face. Right. Now. No make up. Flushed cheeks. Alive. 😀

Now that I got distracted (actually working and all), I can’t remember where I was going before the tangent, so I’ll just recap by saying that Day 2 was awesome. I feel better than I do when I roll out of bed at 7:25, run out of the door by 7:42 and get to work slightly late at 8:03… and I was to work EARLY. woooot.

My body feels revitalized and worked just the right amount to be able to feel like I’m actually alive in this body instead of just existing. It’s so refreshing and I am setting the intention to keep my smile as much as possible throughout my day.

Until tomorrow,



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