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Alright, so once again I’ve been MIA. I think most of my blog posts start that way.

We have had a very busy couple of weeks since my mom was here to visit. We went on a wedding crafting marathon and knocked a bunch of stuff off of our to do list for the wedding! It’s getting closer! 2.5 months to go!

In addition to the craziness of wedding planning/crafting, April is Yoga challenge month at the studio I practice at (though I’ve been a stranger to it for over a year now.. which is sad).

I keep meaning to get there on a regular basis but life happens and I fail. So, when I got the email last month about this years yoga challenge, I thought it was the perfect opportunity to get my practice AT the studio back on track, and get my family to realize once a week really wouldn’t be a hardship… especially after 30 consecutive days figuring it out.

Last night (Day 9) was probably one of the top 3 practices of my life. It was amazing. There were only 3 students in the evening class, and we’re all at similar levels, so our wonderful yogamama decided to shake it up, face us in a circle, and practice with us! It was empowering.

Thursday’s are “Sunsational Yoga” where we do variations of sun salutations, so that’s what we did last night, among some other fun stuff. It was especially exciting when we were deeply in a set of 5 Surya namaskara B’s and with my eyes closed I saw a bright flash of light (I assumed from a camera), and then as I was in a chatturanga-low pushup… BOOM. A building shaking boom. It was pretty scary. I think we all lost our breath at that moment and had to take a second to get back in the flow of that Surya B! Funny thing is, it didn’t thunder or lightning again the whole night.

I left that practice feeling fantastic.  All week I’ve had this overflowing feeling of happiness. “My cup runneth over” sort of feeling. It’s been a culmination of the wedding, my mom being in town, my awesome kids, and spending time with my yoga family at the studio. It makes me wonder how I survived the past year and a half only going sporadically.

I had planned to recap each day individually but to be honest I cant remember which day was what anymore, so I’ll just say that I’m loving the challenge, loving my life, and I’m looking forward to the future!

Oh: the other most notable moment from the challenge this far was last Thursday, during Sandy’s Sunsational class. Her granddaughter was here on a visit and practiced next to me. We had a few moments during the practice where our gazes met, we shared smiles, and even a giggle at my point. There are two things I just couldn’t help but feeling during that practice with young M next to me: Hope– because she reminded me of my kids and I hope they love yoga like she does someday, and because it’s the kids like her and my own children that will carry on all of our values and practices, hopefully including yoga! And the other thing… Joy. Pure joy. I just kept noticing during the practice (and well after) that I was just simply elated. I couldn’t help but to smile. I have been that way every since. I feel lighter. I am happy. ❤



Day 8: Joy

Posted on: April 8, 2013

After class, I always have the biggest smile. I can’t even contain my joy. I am usually the last student to leave the studio, because I just do NOT want to let go of that feeling that I get while in that sanctuary.

The other day I was sharing how I felt in the moment right after we said our “namastes” to my dear friend Shelly, and she completely understood.

 photo 24498b63-40d4-4903-8bae-60656f94884c_zpsfd8dda27.jpg

Week One: Done! (That’s me, Brittany)

I’m in love with yoga. Every time I practice, it amazes me that it makes me feel THAT fantastic. I think every class I have ever left, I’ve told the boyfriend right after “It was such a GREAT class. I love yoga.” I probably sound like a broken record, after 18 months of this continued bliss… But, it’s true. Even if I was exhausted, or had a bad day, or REALLY wasn’t feeling it… By the time I’m laying, still as a corpse, in savasana. I’m a different person. I’m happy. I’m whole. I’m the embodiment of joy and I cannot help but to share it.

Today was no different. It was hard to get out of bed. I felt stiff and when I got to the studio and started warming up a little, I realized I was way more stiff than I had thought. Every time I’d drop my chin toward my chest, I felt little crackles and pops all the way down my spine. It didn’t feel good.

But of course, through all of the motion and attention of the class, I left feeling energized and ready for the day ahead.

We did navasana and as my arms and heels were extended high toward the sky, my face broke into a smile. Believe it or not, the joy in that moment was enough to keep me holding on to that shiver for a few more breaths. I’ll never get sick of navasana.

I did have a mini freak-out on my way to work though… I realized that I am supposed to work at our other office sometime soon… Oh no! I went into this month holding on to the goal of 30/30 AT the studio. Sure, I could do a home practice that day… But that isn’t the point! So, I’m going to have to figure out how I can make it to yoga AND go out of town for work (2 hours away!) if necessary. I’ll figure it out. I must.

Until tomorrow,


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