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Alright, so once again I’ve been MIA. I think most of my blog posts start that way.

We have had a very busy couple of weeks since my mom was here to visit. We went on a wedding crafting marathon and knocked a bunch of stuff off of our to do list for the wedding! It’s getting closer! 2.5 months to go!

In addition to the craziness of wedding planning/crafting, April is Yoga challenge month at the studio I practice at (though I’ve been a stranger to it for over a year now.. which is sad).

I keep meaning to get there on a regular basis but life happens and I fail. So, when I got the email last month about this years yoga challenge, I thought it was the perfect opportunity to get my practice AT the studio back on track, and get my family to realize once a week really wouldn’t be a hardship… especially after 30 consecutive days figuring it out.

Last night (Day 9) was probably one of the top 3 practices of my life. It was amazing. There were only 3 students in the evening class, and we’re all at similar levels, so our wonderful yogamama decided to shake it up, face us in a circle, and practice with us! It was empowering.

Thursday’s are “Sunsational Yoga” where we do variations of sun salutations, so that’s what we did last night, among some other fun stuff. It was especially exciting when we were deeply in a set of 5 Surya namaskara B’s and with my eyes closed I saw a bright flash of light (I assumed from a camera), and then as I was in a chatturanga-low pushup… BOOM. A building shaking boom. It was pretty scary. I think we all lost our breath at that moment and had to take a second to get back in the flow of that Surya B! Funny thing is, it didn’t thunder or lightning again the whole night.

I left that practice feeling fantastic.  All week I’ve had this overflowing feeling of happiness. “My cup runneth over” sort of feeling. It’s been a culmination of the wedding, my mom being in town, my awesome kids, and spending time with my yoga family at the studio. It makes me wonder how I survived the past year and a half only going sporadically.

I had planned to recap each day individually but to be honest I cant remember which day was what anymore, so I’ll just say that I’m loving the challenge, loving my life, and I’m looking forward to the future!

Oh: the other most notable moment from the challenge this far was last Thursday, during Sandy’s Sunsational class. Her granddaughter was here on a visit and practiced next to me. We had a few moments during the practice where our gazes met, we shared smiles, and even a giggle at my point. There are two things I just couldn’t help but feeling during that practice with young M next to me: Hope– because she reminded me of my kids and I hope they love yoga like she does someday, and because it’s the kids like her and my own children that will carry on all of our values and practices, hopefully including yoga! And the other thing… Joy. Pure joy. I just kept noticing during the practice (and well after) that I was just simply elated. I couldn’t help but to smile. I have been that way every since. I feel lighter. I am happy. ❤



You know those reluctant mornings I always post about? The ones where I just want to stay in bed and be a bum?

Today was not one of those mornings.I woke up feeling rested. I had energy (at 5:50am). I was ready to GO. The monster woke up this morning too, so I loved on him a little and off I went.

On the way to town, the local radio station was talking about the Boston Marathon Bombing again. It kind of made me sick to my stomach and tear up a little. The cruelness in our world sucks.

It seemed even more unfair that such negativitiy and mayhem was clouding this beautiful day. The sky was pink with the sunrise. The clouds were fluffy and moving quickly across the sky. It was a perfect spring morning (and in the high fifties!).

So I got to yoga JUST under the wire at like 6:13. Went in, grabbed my spot and we began.

Our practice started with balance. Balance and I have a love/hate relationship. I love it when I can nail it… I hate it when it’s impossible. Ha.

This morning, I was in a “nail it” mode. Kath made a comment that the pose was our barometer for the day. On the first side, I was a little wobbly, but in it. On the second, BOOM. Right there. That was it. I got my ujjayi and held strong while probably not blinking, staring at my drishti (the point on the wood alter-ish thingy that holds the candle). I lifted my back leg higher and felt like I was almost in flight. It was awesome.

“You are going to have a great day, Brittany!” she said.

Yes ma’am. Yes ma’am, I am.

Up next in our practice were warriors/triangle. Then a bit of cardio. For those of you that are familiar with the Ulitimate Yogi series, the cardio was similar to the crescent lunge flow. One of my favorites but SO demanding. Especially since I did squats yesterday (no weight).

I worked up quite the sweat in this practice and defnitely had extreme energy. My thighs are on FIRE. My left hip is still acting up a bit. I’m not sure how to treat it since I’ve never had any hip issues before. Do I stretch? Do I leave it alone? Do I baby it?

I forgot breakfast this morning, so I stopped and grabbed a lunchable at Sheetz. I opened it up and again it confirms I’m going to have a great day…

 photo BD8597F1-F132-4D1E-8DAF-030A8DE289BB-713-000000D5D1153760_zpse3c0ce8b.jpg

It had a surprise chocolate in it! (Okay actually it had it on the package, but I didn’t see it… so it was a surprise to me!)

I hope you all have a great day too!

Jai bagwan!


What in the heck was up with today’s weather in the northeast? REALLY?! It’s spring. Spring is not characterized by 6-8″ of snow. But, today was.

My grama so wonderfully clearing off my car while I was getting ready for work

I woke up this morning to go to the morning class and looked out the window… Saw the white blanket of freshly fallen snow covering everything and instead of getting ready to go… I crawled right back into bed. I had slept pretty fitfully (though I went to bed super early by my standards) and needed the extra hour. When I woke up again around 6:30 I felt refreshed and ready to go. I could have happily had a yoga session right then but… I showered instead and headed to work.

Our road was pretty shitty and there seemed to be lots of branches overstepping their boundaries and encroaching upon the roadways… But, I made it to work in one piece and even without any near-fatalities. Success!

Work was pretty great today. I felt super motivated and I got a lot done. Tackling a mountain of paperwork that we’ve been putting off for months and ended up slimming it down to a manageable amount of work that we still need to do. I was so into all my projects that 5pm came and I had no idea. Luckily my boss, who needs a quirky cool nickname for the purposes of this blog, but my mind isn’t in that mode so… I’ll have to figure one out later :P, was like “what time are you leaving tonight? no yogurt?” and I grabbed my stuff and dashed out of the door, rushing to secure a spot & get that magical stone!

Boy was I glad I did. This week’s theme is… no theme! Which stresses me out, but is exciting. Today’s was “balance poses” and man, I loved it. I know a lot of people hate balance poses… and ya, they’re pretty hard. But I am usually an oddball (hello, I love navasana even though it makes me feel like I’m about to die), and I had a blast attempting to balance. I did a pretty good tree… my flamingo rocked… and the other one we did on our “barbie feet” (which made me giggle every time) aka tippy toes, with zombie arms (out in front) and you move your arms from side to side, while using the back of your hands as your drishti… that one was freaking hard. I just giggled and couldn’t focus for the most part. “Barbie feet” where does Kath think of this stuff? lol

Class started with Kath leading a discussion about falling (which is why most people hate balance poses), how almost everyone hates to trip/fall and gets embarrassed.  The first thing we do after tripping is what? Looking around to see if anyone saw us trip. I admit, I do that very time, and of course my cheeks turn as red as a ripe cherry tomato.  Why do we do that?! At class, we all decided it was because when we trip, it makes us feel vulnerable. For that split second our guard was down. Something got through it, and we were imperfect.

The past year or so I’ve been on this personal journey. Accepting my flaws, my mistakes… Becoming content with the things from my past that I regret (or at least, used to). Wow, that sounds like a line from a Rascal Flatts song… Anyway… Why is it that when we fall, we instinctively get embarrassed and worried what people are thinking/saying about us? Why is our first response to guard ourselves even more against any onlookers that are “judging” us.

How many times have you SEEN someone else trip and thought to yourself: “wow, what an idiot?”. I was thinking that earlier… If I see someone do that, I usually feel bad for them because I know they probably are mortified that they just almost ate it in public. If they drop something, I usually try to help. I really don’t think (with some exceptions) everyone is judging is in those situations because in most cases… they probably know that the sidewalk is uneven, or that you’re preoccupied texting and walking (which should be a crime because dang, that is tricky!), or they probably are too involved in THEIR cell phone to even notice that you exist, let alone that you almost faceplanted right in front of them.

We really need to stop caring so much about what we THINK everyone else thinks. We need to stop worrying about everyone else,period. We have to start doing what makes us happy. What about our life are we perfectly content with? What aren’t you okay with that you can change? Focus all of that judgmental energy into that instead, 9/10 the person judging you the most, is you.



I woke up this morning and snoozed my alarm apparently 4 times. I actually got out of bed when I realized my clock read “5:57”. I brushed my teeth, changed from pajamas to yoga pants and a tank, grabbed a shirt to don after class that was “professional” enough for a casual outfit for work (to be paired with my yoga pants), ran down stairs, threw my lunch in my pack (luckily I remembered for once to pack the portions the night before) and jumped in the car… “6:02”. Not to shabby.

I wasn’t quite awake when I got to class this morning though. I did today’s practice sans contacts. I think it actually helped some (though in balance poses, that would have been a problem) because I couldn’t look at anyone else. The class was also pretty small this morning, which I prefer to the full classes because I don’t get as distracted (in highschool, my good friend Blake used to call me goldfish…). We did some more hip openers this morning, as well as dynamic bridges and a few other poses like locust.. I know I’m forgetting what else but… I should have blogged earlier and I didn’t. Forgive me.

Every time I go to the morning class I am happily surprised at how well I feel after class. At 7:15 in the morning I am AWAKE, energetic, and HAPPY. It’s unheard of and so awesome. I just have a hard time peeling myself out of bed that early in the morning to make it there on time.

I’ve been thinking more about my post from yesterday and I am just so happy to be happy. A bunch of my old online comrades started a facebook group and we’re all reconnecting, many of them I hadn’t spoken to in years, so I had to rehash some of the key things that have happened in the past few years and a few of them are anything but happy. It made me remember that time and just how not happy I was. I feel so lucky to have been able to step away from that life and start a new, improved, life for my kids and myself. I’m incredibly happy to be happy.

One of the best parts of the morning yoga class is watching the sunrise. It’s so beautiful to see the tops of the mountains and the sun just beaming. Today is a new day. Tomorrow it will fade away. Only to be replaced by another. It’s just a reminder that life goes on. You have to hold onto the sunshine and let it in.  Sunshine makes me smile. We’re all so lucky to be given this life and the chance to make changes as necessary to make it something that makes us happy.

(Wow, was this warm and fuzzy or what?)



The thing that I love most about yoga is that it isn’t just about the physical. I am not an athlete, and I usually despise exercising, with a few exceptions like dancing. Most of all, I can’t stand competition. Okay that’s not true… I can’t stand LOSING. I would rather not participate than fail. I don’t have to be the best… But I can’t fail. I may have some issues.

But yoga doesn’t seem like “exercise” to me. It’s emotional and introspective. It is one situation that I actually like being quiet. For an hour. Amazing, I know, ItISpossible for me… I was shocked too.

Sometimes talking so much is really just me avoiding what is going on in my own head. I think a lot… Usually that means words are coming out of my mouth as soon as I think them. But quiet time at yoga allows me to actually think full thoughts and consider how I feel about what I’m thinking… and just in general how I feel about life.

I live in constant chaos. My kids are wildly energetic. Amazing, but always on high speed. Work is full of the hustle and bustle of a company with 400ish employees. There is usually something going on, lots of it that is full of drama. Even when it’s quiet (which is rare) there is something to read, something to ponder. I don’t get much time where I can just think about the thoughts I want or need to think about. The hard stuff. The good stuff. The important stuff. I am just too busy thinking about everything else.

But for that hour at yoga, I can let my mind go to all those things that I can’t during the rest of my day. I can allow the world to stop its entrance into my mind for an hour and I can focus on me. ME,me, ME,me, meeee!

This is me, happy.

Today we did pigeon and while we held the pose (in it’s small variants, like folding forward) I just smiled. I was thinking about the place where I’m at in my life right now. I’m graduating college in less than a month. I have two amazing kids that surprise me every day. Little Miss was saying “lima beeeean” when I got home and ate dinner (which had lima beans) and it was so cute. She’s also figured out how to play the matching card memory game on the ipod/ipad. She’s growing up so fast and getting so smart! Then there is the monster. He’s riding a 2 wheeler now. He’s learning how to recognize and reign in his emotions (he’s spirited and it’s been tough figuring out what works for us). He’s being such a great helper with grama in the garden, and with his sister. I love my kids. I also am in a really great place with the boyfriend. We’ve had some rough patches, but it just makes us stronger and we are really, really happy right now.

Now if only things could get pinned down with a job after graduation, and if only I could win the lotto… Then I’d be so set.

With grama’s help, Little Miss is asleep in her own bed (for now). So I better get to sleep while I can.



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