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Last night I was laying in bed, right before I fell asleep when I remembered that I had morning yoga at the studio today. That meant I had to get back up, pack a bag for the morning, and set my alarm for a little earlier.

I did. I even got up with the alarm and made it to yoga (though it was actually late and they were just waiting for me a couple mins after 6:15. I got stuck at the redlight at 6:14 and was like REALLY!?)

I’m so glad I got to have this morning practice. It was delightful. Hip openers galore, my favorite.A lengthy pigeon is exactly how I like to start my day.

My deltoids are sore. I could feel my arms wobbling each time I’d be exerting any arm strength. They’ve been working hard the past 38 days. Luckily, it shows so I’m not just miserably sore. Instead I’m all Yay! I’m sore because I’m getting MUSCLES! wooot!

So two wonderful ladies that I practice with at the studio have committed to 108 days too. All 3 of us have started it before and stopped for one reason or another. This time we’re in it for all 108 (well, that is the plan). I’ve continued with the 108 after my 30 days in April, Sandy decided to start “over” so that she’s in line with the facebook group doing round 3 of 108 along with Yariv. I’m not sure if Kath is continuing (she is our fearless leader, our yogamama, and has an amazing established home practice already) or if she has started at 1 with the group… but yea, one way or another we’re all going to do it!

We took a picture today after class…

Sandy, Kath, & Me. Here we go!

I’m so excited. I really hope I manage to stick with it, even if it’s just a short and sweet, or some suns, or something. I really want to make it all 108.

I’d love to hear from anyone else that is going to start the journey too (or any new journey, however long)!




Man. This getting up to do yoga at home in the early morning thing… It’s rough.

I laid in bed until 5:57am. I didn’t want to get up. I knew what was coming, since I’ve done these dvd’s before and detox… It’s a GREAT practice. One of my favorites for sure…but as it’s part of the “ultimate” series… It’s NOT easy. Knowing that you have such intensity headed your way can be crippling (at least to me). I can’t trick myself into thinking it’ll be a nice gentle practice like I can at the studio… Even though I have a block handy, a tie (for my make-shift strap until I buy one…), and a box of tissues all near my mat.

I know what’s in store. There is no fooling me.

So finally, I sucked it up, and I started. BOTH children were already awake and in my room. Little Miss insisted that she have the other mat next to mine to “do it wif youuu”. Which lasted all of 5 minutes.

I got my ujjayi breath and struggled to keep track of it through the practice. I had a few beautiful moments I had to pause and photograph.. Just so you can get a glimpse of *why* I keep insisting on this morning practice, though I’m NOT a morning person, and just being awake at 6am is a challenge for me.

So here’s a peak…

I caught a glimpse of this beautiful sunlit hillside & our maple tree during a twist.

During lateral angle, I saw my shadow on the wall from the light of the open window.

In those brief moments I was reminded how lucky I am. Lucky to be able to practice; to have found yoga; to be a part of this world and be able to watch the beauty of a clear spring morning.

The twists of the detox practice were invigorating. I know that I definitely need a good detox. I’m looking forward to the cleanse coming up & I’m going to really focus on making healthier choices when it comes to eating. If I can’t picture where it came from… I’m not going to eat it, at least for the most part, for the rest of this challenge. I need to fuel my body for this intensity because it definitely is NOT a joke, or a walk in the park.

I was reading Veggie Vinyasa’s blog yesterday, and she posted about the Dhyana May “Pose a day” Challenge. I decided, since I’m going to be doing yoga every day in May, why not try to get some photo’s & participate in “pose a day”? So I did.

This was last night’s May 1 photo, following the session of “hardcore”. Which was SUCH  a sweet feeling after the intensity of the core work. Mmmm. Paschimottanasana. (And oh look, I actually have some muscle tone now!!!!)

May 1: Forward fold (seated)

And then this morning during my practice, I had my five year old monster snap a photo of a Downward Dog, for May 2.

May 2: Downward Dog

Another day. Another beginning. Another downward dog.



I kinda wish I could like, write down what we do in class as we do it or something, because it’s only been 2 hours and I already forget what exactly our practice consisted of this morning. I mean, I guess it doesn’t *really* matter… But, for this blog it does. and it bugs me that I forget already!

I know we started by stretching and loosening up our necks, then shoulders. The most awesome shoulder loosening EVER, with garudasana arms and then making circles with our elbows. Ah, it was almost orgasmic (okay, no, not really. But it was SOOO good). FTR, I don’t get anywhere close to that with thread the needle, but this I felt throughly stretched through my shoulders and ahhh, it was delightful.

Garudasana Arms

After that though it just becomes a blur in my memory of downward dogs, plank a few times, wind reliever, chair and twisting chair (gahh, chair KILLS me). Dear Utkatasana, I want to love you but man, my knees, thighs, abs, and low spine, kind of want to take you OUT. But it was a great practice. I’m always leaving class thinking that was the best class ever. Which I guess makes sense because I say that about some of my other favorite things as well. Do they really just keep getting better? Or is it just because I love yoga and how it makes me feel, both the physical and mental stimulation that it gives me?

I tried the Manduka ProLite and loved it. I was pretty warm in today’s class and my feet were pretty slick… and I didn’t slip! Tomorrow I’m going to try the EkoLite that she has and see how they compare, but I’m thinking the ProLite seems to fit my needs.

I got a nice surprise yesterday evening, the littles and I were invited to Grama K’s house and when we got there, my uncle from Indiana and part of his family were there! So were some other family members (and one in particular I’m NOT very fond of… who decided to judge me on breastfeeding and almost got the wrath of Brittany again), overall, it was good to catch up. Even though we live in the same county (except for my uncle) we really don’t see much of each other. There are actually a few cousins that I do like. 😉

I’m happy to report that it’s been an entire week (well, work week) of BOTH kids sleeping in their beds all night long. Little Miss even slept from 9pm-6am last night! Amazing. I’m hoping it will continue to get better, and she’ll stop waking up at 4am. But this is just awesomeness and unheard of in my life so WOOOT for sleeping children!

Now, I should go be productive.



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