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Today is day 30! Another MSY Yoga challenge in the books!

I’ve made the intention to do yoga every day from not until the wedding (under 60 days to go), so it’s just the beginning of my “challenge” and the hard part starts tomorrow.

Tonight we had a wonderful class, Sandy led us through a few warm ups and a couple of suns and then just let us flow on our own. I mostly just did suns, but I threw in some wild-things… which led to wheels. Then I felt like wide angle forward fold was a good idea… and a bit later seated wide angle forward fold. It all ended with a delicious savasana. And then we partied.

My fiancé and little monsters came for the party this year and that was great. The kids played with a sweet little toddler that the whole town loves (and she wore them out!) and the mister finally got to meet all the people I’ve been talking about for a month (or for some of them– the entire time he’s known me, which is almost 3 years).

The party–which isn’t only celebrating the challenge, but also the anniversary of MSY– is always one of my favorite events of the year. You actually have time to sit and chat with these amazing people that show up and practice alongside you. You realize how little you know about them, yet you feel like they are family. It’s a hard feeling to put into words… But even without really “knowing” them… These are my people. You know? They fill my cup. I see one of them in the real world and it brightens my day.

it’s also amazing how just being in that space has a similar effect. I open that heavy wooden door and immediately can smell the varnish/paint in the stairwell. Breathing that in (mmm chemicals) is just like when I go into my grandmothers basement.. It doesn’t necessarily smell “good” but the smell just evokes this feeling of security. I’m home. (I’ve talked about this many times).

Tonight Kath talked some, and opened the floor to others, but all I could do was sit there and not cry. I’m ridiculous I know, but I am a very emotional person (see last post lol)  and there is no way I could have said anything without crying. I just love MSY. I love Kath (and Shelly and Sandy). There’s just a lot of love.

I wish that everyone had some version of a place like that. Somewhere to go, let go of the world, and just feel the love.

Rolling up my mat was such a bittersweet moment. We did it! We did 30 days–30 hours of yoga. But damn, I don’t ever want to leave. If/when we move from Mansfield, I know that MSY (and it’s tribe) are going to be one of the few things I will terribly miss, and never ever be able to replace.

And with that, here’s to tomorrow. The real day one.



Posted on: April 29, 2015

Today is day 29 of the Elite Yoga Challenge. It’s been a breeze this year. The hardest part has been juggling the kids and traveling for childcare on days that my wonderful fiancé can’t make it home from work in time.

I haven’t blogged daily this year (obviously) about the challenge. At first, I meant to. But then I came to the realization that I didn’t need the accountability like in past years. I simply NEEDED the yoga and the companionship from my yoga tribe. So I decided to be intentionally selfish and soak it ALL up myself instead of sharing it. “Be selfish to be selfless”. That sort of thing.

Now that it’s almost over I’ll admit that my (almost ever-present) anxiety is starting to flair up. I have issues. There are 59 days until my wedding. My to-do list for said wedding is still pretty long (though I should actually recompile it so I can start checking things off). I’m dreading being photographed for the wedding because my self esteem is pretty low lately, despite the media push for “body love”. I’m just not there right now.

I have never cried in yoga, though I’ve experienced some fellow yogis have those moments. Yesterday in savasana I did get a little teary eyed. It wasn’t until last night after yoga that I realized just how emotional I was. Unfortunately, it made for an uncomfortable evening.

Today I just feel…. emotional. Kind of drained. Cry-ee if you will. I don’t know what my deal is. The current events unfolding here in the US are probably adding to this feeling. I don’t pretend to understand how any one else feels about the situation, but I just know that it effects everyone, all of our children, and their children.

Every day this month I’ve thought about why I do yoga. The exercise. The friendship. The feeling of safety/ “home” at the studio. The ease of tension. The gratitude. The openness.  The strength. The positivity. The balance. The patience. The courage. The self awareness. The acceptance.

All of these things are why (and countless more).

I’m so thankful that I stepped out of my comfort zone 4.5 years ago and attended my first class at MSY. Shaking like a leaf, walking through that door changed my life.

“Clarity of the mind, Kindness of the words, Compassion of the heart”. <<That is my prayer for ALL human beings today and everyday.

Man. This getting up to do yoga at home in the early morning thing… It’s rough.

I laid in bed until 5:57am. I didn’t want to get up. I knew what was coming, since I’ve done these dvd’s before and detox… It’s a GREAT practice. One of my favorites for sure…but as it’s part of the “ultimate” series… It’s NOT easy. Knowing that you have such intensity headed your way can be crippling (at least to me). I can’t trick myself into thinking it’ll be a nice gentle practice like I can at the studio… Even though I have a block handy, a tie (for my make-shift strap until I buy one…), and a box of tissues all near my mat.

I know what’s in store. There is no fooling me.

So finally, I sucked it up, and I started. BOTH children were already awake and in my room. Little Miss insisted that she have the other mat next to mine to “do it wif youuu”. Which lasted all of 5 minutes.

I got my ujjayi breath and struggled to keep track of it through the practice. I had a few beautiful moments I had to pause and photograph.. Just so you can get a glimpse of *why* I keep insisting on this morning practice, though I’m NOT a morning person, and just being awake at 6am is a challenge for me.

So here’s a peak…

I caught a glimpse of this beautiful sunlit hillside & our maple tree during a twist.

During lateral angle, I saw my shadow on the wall from the light of the open window.

In those brief moments I was reminded how lucky I am. Lucky to be able to practice; to have found yoga; to be a part of this world and be able to watch the beauty of a clear spring morning.

The twists of the detox practice were invigorating. I know that I definitely need a good detox. I’m looking forward to the cleanse coming up & I’m going to really focus on making healthier choices when it comes to eating. If I can’t picture where it came from… I’m not going to eat it, at least for the most part, for the rest of this challenge. I need to fuel my body for this intensity because it definitely is NOT a joke, or a walk in the park.

I was reading Veggie Vinyasa’s blog yesterday, and she posted about the Dhyana May “Pose a day” Challenge. I decided, since I’m going to be doing yoga every day in May, why not try to get some photo’s & participate in “pose a day”? So I did.

This was last night’s May 1 photo, following the session of “hardcore”. Which was SUCH  a sweet feeling after the intensity of the core work. Mmmm. Paschimottanasana. (And oh look, I actually have some muscle tone now!!!!)

May 1: Forward fold (seated)

And then this morning during my practice, I had my five year old monster snap a photo of a Downward Dog, for May 2.

May 2: Downward Dog

Another day. Another beginning. Another downward dog.




Posted on: April 30, 2012

Today was the end of the yoga challenge. I did it! 30 days of yoga! 29 days of in class practices… and one day where I was too pukey to make it to class but I DID still do a mini home practice. So go me! We celebrated tonight being the last class with a “yoga playground” practice that was light and fun. We even did some partner stuff, which I looove.

Kestrel and Kath made an awesome I-video of some of the pictures throughout the course of the challenge. It was super awesome. But I will admit to being a bit disappointed, as there were zero pictures of me practicing, despite my stellar attendance. :/ One of these days I’ll have to remember my camera AND get some courage to ask someone to take some pictures. I want to remember my yoga beginnings someday when I’m a super awesome, dedicated, experienced yogi.

The party afterwards was so much fun though, all of the MSYogarians are such rad people. They come from such varied backgrounds and have so many interesting interests. (Repetitive much?) The food was great, the conversations were better, and to top it all off I even won a manduka water bottle 😛

Since I didn’t win the mat, I came home and ordered one. I went with a Manduka Eko Lite. A few people tonight said that they had a hard time breaking theirs in because at first they’re slick… So I’m hoping I can get through that to wear it’s as awesome as Kath’s broken in Eko Lite that I’ve been using the past few days. We’ll see! I intend to break it in quickly with daily practices, even if it’s just a 10 min youtube video, a few sun salutes in the morning, or the yoga in motion kids video with the littles.

I love the way a daily practice has made me feel this month, and I’m so not ready to let go of that.

Thank you for everyone who has followed me on this challenge. I intend to keep up with the blog (though probably not daily), adding more of my life and children instead of just yoga. But, we’re pretty interesting folk, if I do say so. So, follow along and get to know us a little better!

Like any good yogi, I love to share.



Day 30: Yoga Challenge (ext)END(ed)

I knew that this would happen. Hi, I’m Brittany/Brin and I have pretty horrible luck.

I woke up before my alarm today (5:00am) to a horrible pain in my stomach, cold sweats, and… I’m sure you don’t want to know the rest.

I’m thinking it was something to do with what I ate yesterday (which I honestly can not remember other than Taco Hell.. and that could very likely be the issue there). Because no one that I know has gotten a bug like this recently so I’m not sure where it came from if it’s a bug.

But here I am, almost 5pm, I’ve literally only moved from my bed all day to go to the bathroom, and just now forced down a bowl of chicken noodle soup because I need to eat something. I’m not going to make it to yoga today, and that makes me pretty sad.

Since I am not willing to give up on the challenge completely, I’m going to at least do a mini practice of “bed yoga”. I haven’t gotten sick since around 1, so who knows maybe the worst is over and now I’m just in the remnant stage of weakness, headache, and tiredness? I no longer feel queasy, which is a huge relief because I absolutely HATE throwing up.

Also, just ftr. My arms are still killing me. I may have over-did it a little on Wednesday night because yesterday no one else seemed this sore. But I’m still this sore. Owww. It hurts-so-good when I  put pressure on those areas and massage them. Unfortunately, I feel too weak to massage myself much today.

Okay, pity party over. If I have some of my normal loquaciousness back later on, I may fill you in on the rest of my day and “bed yoga” but… if not, send me good vibes that I’ll be better by the morning!


Eek, I’m late, I’m late!

Sorry everyone, I meant to write this earlier but today was an insanely busy day. Woke up, went to morning yoga, then to see the boyfriend for a bit. Came home, got the kids and we all went to good ol’ Walmart, came home… ate lunch, took a quick nap while the kids napped and THEN… My grampa came and asked what cars I’d been looking at. (My car was a hunk of junk and was increasingly scary to drive! Okay, that’s downplaying it a bit… It was kinda terrifying actually). Well, I jokingly said… want to go to the dealer?! and he was like.. sure! So, him and I went to the dealer a bit over an hour away, where there was one I loved (online).

Well, long story short.. We came home with a new vehicle! I’m absolutely STOKED. It drives like a dream, is soo clean, and BLUE (my favorite color). ❤ It was a bit more expensive than I wanted to spend… But, it’s quality and that’s what matters, besides… what is another $2,000 on a car loan? pfft. Who cares?! So yea… I’m officially in debt. Eh, guess I’m American!

Anywho, the point of this blog is my adventures in yoga… So about today: I didn’t want to wake up. My 2yo woke up about 10 minutes before my alarm went off. [[Don’t you HATE that?!]] I laid in bed debating… should I just go to the evening class? As I didn’t have to work today… But I didn’t know what would happen this evening and I would not, could not, miss a class! So I reluctantly rolled out of bed, threw some yoga pants and a tank on… brushed my teeth and somehow made it to class on time. Boy, was I glad I did.

Practice today was stellar. Seriously, I always say that. But it’s true! I got soo into it (though I felt a bit congested) and every asana was met with such joy, even my favorite, navasana. I mentioned to Kath that I must be crazy because navasana is probably one of my favorite poses… I shake like I’m being electrocuted, and oh God does it hurt… BUT as soon as I return all my appendages to the mat, I feel high on the vibrations coursing through my body. I feel awake and alive.That’s why we do yoga, right? I love it! Navasana, you kick my ass. But I LOVE you for it.

I also rocked an amazing fish posture today. Kath came along and helped me get deeper into it, as I didn’t know where my edge really was. But once I found it, it was so sweet. Challenging for sure, but sooo gratifying. I live my life in fish posture mentally. I let myself be vulnerable to love, to pain, to emotion… and yea, sometimes it comes crashing down and really sucks… But when you open yourself to all of those things, to others, you are able to experience such great joy and really revel in the moments. That is how fish felt for me today. I just stayed in the pose, breathing and basking in it’s sweetness. Knowing I was letting the world and everything in. I was unguarded and it felt amazing.

After being so terribly hurt in my past, it took a long time to get to the point where I’m okay in being vulnerable. I like being vulnerable because I know how much better it is when you let others into your life, into your heart and being.

Now, I’m exhausted. All of the excitement of a new car, the ramming around today, the long hours since this morning’s 6:15 class… I am headed to bed, and no, I will not be making it to the morning class tomorrow… If there isn’t room in the evening class, I may cry. Ha.

Namaste yogis, and have a good rest.

<<Yogagirl, with new wheels.

I switched it up today and actually rolled myself out of bed at 5:40 in order to make it to the 6:15 yoga challenge class. I of course ended up forgetting my dish to pass for the company cook-out today and didn’t realize it until I was halfway to town… and then I didn’t want to go back because I may not have gotten a stone. (Turns out, I could have made it and there would have been space but… I was NOT going to chance not having mat space when I was up that early in the morning specifically for yoga!)

Lo and behold, I actually LOVED the morning class. A perfectly timed sun salutation right after the sun rose high into the sky, completely made my day and filled my heart with joy. I couldn’t help but smile… even though there were a few moments during today’s practice that I was a teeny bit in pain. We did hip openers for most of the class, which Ilove.In some ways, hips are “easy” for me because I’m pretty flexible in that area, but it’s also an area where I used to have sooo much more capacity of motion and I want so badly to get back to that, so it’s a place I am comfortable with pushing myself more than in other muscle groups.

It’s 2:30ish now and I haven’t collapsed in exhaustion yet. I actually got to work at 8 with more energy than I have ever had at that time in the morning. My only issue is that I need a more substantial breakfast, especially after such a good workout, being that I have a crazy high metabolism. Today’s breakfast of blueberries, an apple, and string cheese didn’t cut it. I’ve been snacking on dry roasted edamame, but still… I can not wait until the cook out in 45 mins! I am thinking this weekend I will make some homemade whole wheat tortillas and then whip up some breakfast burritos to freeze so I can bring a bunch to work for days that I go to the morning class.

Looks like I will be giving up my nightly Private Practice episode on Netflix for an earlier bedtime so that I can make it to the morning class and start my day balanced on both feet, instead of “on the wrong foot”.


P.S. If anything else noteworthy happens today… I’ll just include it in tomorrow, I know I know, you’ll be on the edge of your seats (or mats). 😉

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