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Last night I did yoga cardio. (I switch Sunday and Monday sometimes, since I go to class Monday morning and it’s usually a pretty good “flow” class and I need more of a “rest” day on Sunday. So, I stuck to that schedule even though we didn’t have class due to Memorial Day yesterday, and did Mountain Pose on Sunday and Cardio yesterday.

I haven’t done cardio in a while because I’ve been at the studio instead. I used to dread cardio. It’s probably the class (along with balance) that kills me the most.

I’m working on my upper body strength, but when I first started yoga in November 2011, I could barely stay in plank for more than 2 seconds and doing a chatturanga and floating into up-dog was something I only dreamed of. It was more a wobble-like-crazy-in-plank-for-a-second….DROP-to-your-belly… up-dog.

But last night was different.

Last night, not only did I make it through the entire series of 5… then the series of 10… BUT I made it through every single vinyasa in the class without collapsing on my chatturanga. My flow-through to updog wasn’t perfect every time, however there was NO plopping onto my stomach.

I couldn’t help but smile in every crescent pose past “sick at six”, especially on the left side. I was getting tired at 8, but at that point, I was so close I just set my mind to it “only two more”.

I felt incredible. I felt strong. I felt on my way to being ultimate.

Day 57

Then I went to bed and slept like the dead… to wake up at 7am and realize I had set my alarm for 6, but not until Wednesday. So now I have to do Balance tonight at some point. Joy.

Trying to keep that ultimate spirit up even through the challenge of work and balance tonight.




Oh my goodness.

Ultimate Yogi cardio is NO joke.

My arms are dying. I couldn’t do all of everything, but when I felt like I was going to collapse, (set 6 of the killer 10 vinyasa) I just took a moment…. I had one fleeting negative thought, then was like.. “Dude, SHUT UP! This is intense and you are awesome so… just recompose and start again. There is no shame in breathing… THIS is the point!” Which honestly, was probably the best part of this practice… maybe even one of the best moments in my yoga practice…ever.

Some of you may think that’s crazy. I was in child’s pose. I wasn’t in headstand, or crow, not even pigeon or wheel… But child’s pose. I think that’s the point though… I *let it go*. For those of you who know me in real life, you may understand why that’s so huge. I may or may not be one of the most stubborn people on the planet. I also may or may not have some self esteem issues that typically feed into an “all or nothing” mentality, where I have to do things exceptionally… or not at all. It isn’t uncommon for me to not even attempt something because I think I’ll be bad at it… Which is ridiculous, because many people are bad at new things, at first.

But, I figure, I’ve already committed to doing this program. I want to succeed at doing it… So, of course that means, my stubborn self will. I may as well ACTUALLY practice yoga and not just go through the motions. That means honoring what *I* can do, in EACH moment, and not crossing that line and getting injured. After all, then my ego would be bruised too.

Now, I’m going to make the kids rub my sore triceps…




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