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If you couldn’t tell by my lack of posting… My weekend turned out to be hectic. I think I’m finally caught up on sleep from it.

Day 34:

On Saturday morning I woke up at 6am to get my practice in before we got on the road to Philadelphia for the zoo. It was gentle yoga and it was exactly what I needed before a 4ish hour car ride.

We spent the afternoon at the zoo and saw most of the animals. The kids were antsy and wanted to DO something, which was difficult because well…at the zoo you just LOOK at stuff. Not to mention, the kids have no understanding of money. No, we don’t need a $7 snack, we JUST ate before we got here! So, that was fun.

After the zoo we went to our hotel to check in. It looked to be pretty empty and the room was nothing fancy but fine for one night.

We opted to splurge and go to hibachi for dinner. It was amazing and delicious, and well worth the huge price tag. The kids enjoyed it, so for once in a great while… What the heck, why not?

Both me and the boyfriend were wiped out after driving/walking around in the sun all day so we just spent the evening in the hotel room. Unfortunately, I can’t say it was a relaxing, quality time type evening… Apparently there was a motorcycle “gang/crew” (i’m not sure what you really call them) staying at our hotel and they were rather LOUD until about 11pm… then were quiet (I’m thinking they went to a bar) until around 2am…. Then it was back to being loud until 3:45 or so… and when I say loud, I’m totally talking about BLASTING music from their SUV, revving the engines of their bikes, talking loudly, and even banging on OUR door. REALLY?!

I may or may not have yelled a few choice words when they banged on our door for about the 4th time, this time at 2:20am, waking me from a dead sleep. I was NOT a happy mama.

I was also not going to go and approach a huge group of bikers and say anything to them. So we “slept” and just hoped that the kids would stay asleep and not be afraid.

Day 35:

Sunday we decided to change our plan and head to the Jersey Coast to meet up with one of my friends from Highschool, who I haven’t seen in 5 years. We met at Point Pleasant Beach on the Jenkinson Boardwalk. It was overcast and windy for the first few hours so we let the kids play in the arcade while we visited and I got to love on the sweetest baby girl!

Little Miss just loved her!

After lunch the sun came out and it warmed up quite a bit. Still not really “beach weather” but warm enough that we got to enjoy the seaspray and sand on the beach without completely freezing. Some crazy teens were even in the water.

I kind of cheated on my yoga Sunday, it was supposed to be yin, so I did a few yin poses on the beach: pigeon, sphinx, goddess, and knee-down twists. With the sleepless night, travel, and craziness… I think that suffices.

We left the beach and the boyfriend still really wanted to go to Cabela’s, so we took a slightly longer route home so that we could make it back to Hamburg. Spent 2 hours in Cabela’s and the kids were more excited seeing the safari section of mounted animals than they had been the entire day at the zoo. “LOOK A RHINO, LOOK A TIGER, OOOHHH AN ELEPHANT!” >.< Yes, you saw LIVE ones yesterday! Sheesh. Next time we’ll just go to Cabela’s!

The Monster is also an expert on poaching, and kept informing me how it’s illegal to kill elephants and lions, etc. He was pretty disgusted that there was a photo of Dick Cabela and the elephant he got on his hunt. “WHY WOULD YOU WANT TO TAKE A PICTURE WITH THAT?! YOU SHOULDN’T EVEN WANT TO KILL AN ELEPHANT!” It was pretty cute.

Day 36:

So, we made it home safely and it was good to be back. Yesterday I completed 36 sun salutations after work, in my front yard while soaking up the sunshine. It was amazing to smell the grass when I’d flow through chatturanga to up-dog and feel the rays of sun hitting my skin. I just wish the ground were a little more flat.

I fell asleep at 8pm last night, before I even put the kids to sleep (oops). Apparently I was exhausted.

So here we are, day 37:

Since i had fell asleep early I hadn’t even set my alarm for the morning. I woke up at 6:30ish and didn’t have time for the full practice on today’s agenda, so I had to substitute with a Short & Sweet with Travis Eliot. I did the first one and it was fantastic. A great level of intensity and really got the full effect squeezed into the shortened time frame. I’m a big Travis Eliot fan.




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