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I’ll be honest and admit that I haven’t completed the corresponding DVD to go with every day of UY in the past two weeks.

However, I *have* at least done SOME form of yoga every day. My children have been sleeping like crap and it’s been near impossible for me to roll out of bed each morning, alive. I can’t even fathom rolling out of bed and actually practicing a full 60-80mins of intense vinyasa in that condition. Eek.

A few days I opted to sleep in and do my practice at night, which is even worse I think than fighting through the sleepies in the morning and getting it done. So, I’m not making a habit if that one. Now that I’ve gotten used to it, I’m definitely a morning practitioner.

So, here we are. Day 52. Almost halfway completed.

Yesterday was one of the days that I practiced at night, it was actually 9:40pm before I even started (balance). I was tired. My daughter had barely slept the night before. She was up screaming her head off from about 11pm untli 3:30am. The joys of motherhood.

But, I knew I really needed yoga and I really need the balance class. Both physically and mentally.

We’ve already established I’m a nutcase. I love navasana. I love balance poses. I love the intensity, the rush, then the bliss that follows. Travis Eliot’s balance class is SO that. I laugh a lot, through beads of sweat. I roll my eyes. I breathe. My core is constantly being put to work and I’m aware that I’m alive and working

There is very little that compares to the rush of excitement when you realize you somehow managed to stay balanced on one foot for the duration of the pose. It may have not been pretty. It may have hurt like a biatch. But, dang it, I did it! << I had that feeling of triumph on the second side of the warrior 3 pose flow. I wobbled. I wasn’t as graceful as the instructors on the dvd… but I managed to keep my right foot off the ground the whole time!

It was hot and muggy in my room. I was literally dripping sweat. It was super hard to keep hold of my ankle in…. dancer? pose because I was so slick. But, it was amazing.

 photo IMG_20130521_221721_258_zpse7b61f9b.jpg

Glistening with sweat. Yes, I paused the dvd to snap a photo.

The savasana and good night’s sleep that followed the practice were even more amazing. I haven’t had a workout that satisfying in a while, and you all know how much I love yoga.

It was a mind game though. I had to talk myself into keeping the dvd in multiple times. I was ready to quit and go to bed because it was so late… But in the end I completed the whole class, and got to bed at around 11:40.

Then it was morning yoga this am at 6:15 at the studio. It was a super sweet class and I just love my fellow Main Street yogarians, and my yogamama Kath ❤

I’ll try to get back in the blogging groove.




I always find it slightly comical when I get done with work and head to yoga; or in some cases, leave work early to make it to a class (like on Friday’s for Happy Hour yoga!)… I come from the office, dressed in businesswear. So naturally, after yoga, I have to put my shoes back on… and yesterday, like many days, I had a little chuckle when I walked down the stairs from the studio… aqua yoga tank, black yoga capris, and raspberry pumps. Yes, I was pretty hott, as per usual. 😉

Then I got to thinking some more… I’m one of those people that prefers to be barefoot, in comfy clothes, with my hair down (brushing totally optional… and usually not done.. but I don’t go anywhere near the whole dread thing… I just like the “I don’t try to be something I’m not” look) and no, or very little (I’m talking only brown eyeliner on the bottom) make up on. But, I’ll wear professional clothes to work, be it a pants suit, a pencil skirt, or other skirt, and a nice top. Yesterday was one of those days… I was wearing a pretty skirt, a nice top, and my favorite pumps. At the office though, staying true to my inner “hippie”, I kicked off the shoes and go barefoot as much as possible.

So, basically, I’m either a barefoot businesswoman… Or a yogi in heels.

Then you factor in the chaos of my family, and I’m one pretty dynamic, multi-faceted woman.

This past weekend, we went on our first family mini-vacation with the boyfriend and the kids. We went down to Philadelphia on Saturday, ate & played at Dave & Busters, then went to the Philadelphia Zoo on Sunday. We met up with a bunch of my other “osm” moms, who I met on a babycenter birth board back in 2009 while pregnant with Little Miss, we were all due April 2010. It was a blast. The only downfalls were that we didn’t get a “family” picture at the zoo… and sweet Little Miss got sick and vomited on her brother. And when I say on him, I mean… All. Over. Him. while laying in bed. Poor kids. I’m not sure who had it worse, puking… or being puked on?

But, it was a great weekend and the boyfriend didn’t run screaming from the hotel, or the zoo… or even when we got home… So I’d say that’s a success for us all!

My sweet little family ❤

So my little yoga update… Yesterday was the first class of the core series, that I crazily signed up for… My core needs strengthened (well, really all of me needs strengthened). It was a really good class, though I was a bit nervous going into it. My arms actually felt the brunt of the workout more so than my core, as down dogs and planks tend to wear out my weak little arms (and bad wrist).

Which let me just say, having a bad wrist totally freaking blows when I’m so passionate about yoga now. I can’t do all the things I’d like to do, even if I COULD do them, because of my dang wrist! >.<

But, I have to keep in mind I’ve came a long way since November when I took my first yoga class… I not only survived the class, but as Kath would say. I totally thrived. Thrive, not survive, is something I need to do some more of. It seems like lately with the balancing act I’ve been doing I just float by on the minimal amount to survive and that’s no way to live my life… and definitely not how I got through college with 2 kids!

Hello Brin, kick it into gear!

Now that I’ve bored you all into a blog coma, and you can’t comment anyway because I haven’t figured out my WordPress issue…. please “like” and come back soon! 🙂



What in the heck was up with today’s weather in the northeast? REALLY?! It’s spring. Spring is not characterized by 6-8″ of snow. But, today was.

My grama so wonderfully clearing off my car while I was getting ready for work

I woke up this morning to go to the morning class and looked out the window… Saw the white blanket of freshly fallen snow covering everything and instead of getting ready to go… I crawled right back into bed. I had slept pretty fitfully (though I went to bed super early by my standards) and needed the extra hour. When I woke up again around 6:30 I felt refreshed and ready to go. I could have happily had a yoga session right then but… I showered instead and headed to work.

Our road was pretty shitty and there seemed to be lots of branches overstepping their boundaries and encroaching upon the roadways… But, I made it to work in one piece and even without any near-fatalities. Success!

Work was pretty great today. I felt super motivated and I got a lot done. Tackling a mountain of paperwork that we’ve been putting off for months and ended up slimming it down to a manageable amount of work that we still need to do. I was so into all my projects that 5pm came and I had no idea. Luckily my boss, who needs a quirky cool nickname for the purposes of this blog, but my mind isn’t in that mode so… I’ll have to figure one out later :P, was like “what time are you leaving tonight? no yogurt?” and I grabbed my stuff and dashed out of the door, rushing to secure a spot & get that magical stone!

Boy was I glad I did. This week’s theme is… no theme! Which stresses me out, but is exciting. Today’s was “balance poses” and man, I loved it. I know a lot of people hate balance poses… and ya, they’re pretty hard. But I am usually an oddball (hello, I love navasana even though it makes me feel like I’m about to die), and I had a blast attempting to balance. I did a pretty good tree… my flamingo rocked… and the other one we did on our “barbie feet” (which made me giggle every time) aka tippy toes, with zombie arms (out in front) and you move your arms from side to side, while using the back of your hands as your drishti… that one was freaking hard. I just giggled and couldn’t focus for the most part. “Barbie feet” where does Kath think of this stuff? lol

Class started with Kath leading a discussion about falling (which is why most people hate balance poses), how almost everyone hates to trip/fall and gets embarrassed.  The first thing we do after tripping is what? Looking around to see if anyone saw us trip. I admit, I do that very time, and of course my cheeks turn as red as a ripe cherry tomato.  Why do we do that?! At class, we all decided it was because when we trip, it makes us feel vulnerable. For that split second our guard was down. Something got through it, and we were imperfect.

The past year or so I’ve been on this personal journey. Accepting my flaws, my mistakes… Becoming content with the things from my past that I regret (or at least, used to). Wow, that sounds like a line from a Rascal Flatts song… Anyway… Why is it that when we fall, we instinctively get embarrassed and worried what people are thinking/saying about us? Why is our first response to guard ourselves even more against any onlookers that are “judging” us.

How many times have you SEEN someone else trip and thought to yourself: “wow, what an idiot?”. I was thinking that earlier… If I see someone do that, I usually feel bad for them because I know they probably are mortified that they just almost ate it in public. If they drop something, I usually try to help. I really don’t think (with some exceptions) everyone is judging is in those situations because in most cases… they probably know that the sidewalk is uneven, or that you’re preoccupied texting and walking (which should be a crime because dang, that is tricky!), or they probably are too involved in THEIR cell phone to even notice that you exist, let alone that you almost faceplanted right in front of them.

We really need to stop caring so much about what we THINK everyone else thinks. We need to stop worrying about everyone else,period. We have to start doing what makes us happy. What about our life are we perfectly content with? What aren’t you okay with that you can change? Focus all of that judgmental energy into that instead, 9/10 the person judging you the most, is you.



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