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It was another sweatfest at my house last night.

The boyfriend was over, so I told him he had to do yoga with me. I’d been missing the strength class since I’ve been going to the studio on Wednesday’s (and I’m not as much of a rockstar as Sandy, who doesn’t count that toward her UY 108…), so I opted to do strength this week instead of detox.

With all the sweating I did though, I’m pretty sure it could count as a detox class.

I was mildly annoyed throughout the whole practice, since the boyfriend doesn’t regularly practice yoga, but he was effortlessly flowing through the practice… And was jumping back through chatturanga. Seriously!? No fair.

I decided it’s because he’s so much stronger than me, and does push ups for fun. SMH. I’m going to throw the balance class at him next time… See how he likes that! Psh.

That being said, it was a really great practice. My arms were DYING, like usual. I couldn’t hold them out the entire time in warrior & horse, I simply couldn’t FEEL them any longer TO hold them up. LOL

It was kind of fun getting to help him with some modifications, or tweaking his pose so that his alignment was better… maybe I DO have some “want” to teach…

Since the boyfriend was there, I also had him snap a pic of me in a pose, since normally I can’t get yoga photos. Unfortunately, the lighting wasn’t the best and he didn’t use the flash, so the quality isn’t the best… but here is me in bow pose!

I’m super excited to get home and do today’s practice! I’ll probably blog it when I’m done 🙂




My weekend was full of crazy.

Following my last post, I took another step towards letting something go that I’ve been holding onto for entirely too long… Unfortunately, it was a bit counter productive and instead, it led to some more questions, hurt, and anger. Which led to tears, vodka, and a man-hating night. Luckily, I had a girls day on Saturday, a much needed day while my best friend on Sunday, and then a very healing conversation on Monday, despite a stomach bug. Tuesday, my practice was a short fall-back practice, because I was still entirely worn out. So I did my emergency practice of 5 Surya A’s and 3 Surya B’s.

That brings us to yesterday… Got home from work and decided to do my practice right then instead of getting distracted and then not wanting to do it later. Best. Decision. Ever.

I made the intention to get lost inside myself. To get lost in my breathing; in the practice. And I did.

My arms get SO tired during strength. Holding them out in T-position makes them shake by the end, and I have to focus sooooo hard to not put them down. Not to mention the tingling in my legs during the horse series… because my legs are sooo out of shape. But, I know that’s one of the places I *want* strengthened/toned… so I listened to Travis and squatted into it more. That yoga thai chi is an amazing hell. Ha.

But, miraculously I made it all the way through Strength last night, minus the arm balance flow (bad wrists). When it was done, I felt GREAT. I felt rejuvenated and strong. That is the purpose of Ultimate Yogi: Strength.



Day 10. Strength.

Lets just say today was not my day.

The day in itself was fine, but my practice… it’s literally day and night from yesterday’s practice to today’s. Which is funny, because last week I hated cardio and didn’t mind strength. This week, I loved cario and…well… strength. HA.

I don’t think it was the practice’s fault. It started with bedtime. Oh the joys of bedtime. Little Miss wanted to sleep with her brother but he didn’t want her to. Little Miss wanted her light on but mom is mean and won’t let her keep it on at night (she has a night light she refuses to use, and the hall light stays on). So, what did Little Miss decide to do? Live up to her Diva nickname and scream. For like 10-20 minutes about those two things. Needless to say, I was distracted.

She finally fell asleep and I was tired. I briefly considered just going to bed but I was like… NO. So I popped in the DVD and halfheartedly started. That’s where I went wrong. I should have taken a few minutes first to prepare my mind… But I didn’t. I wasn’t “in” it from the very first down dog. So obviously, it didn’t fare well for the rest of my practice.

It was hard. My arms shook. My legs shook. My poor glut that is extra sore felt like it wanted to scream. I just wasn’t on my game.

But, that’s what this journey is about.

I saw this post today..

and… I suppose, that’s true. And this journey, is part of my life for the next 98 days, so I guess I better embrace the ups and downs right now.

But, I’m still hoping that tomorrow is back on the up.



Travis is totally spot on when he says “Doing nothing, is when everything begins to happen” (or something along those lines..)

Today was Day 4: Yin Yoga, and man, I am going to bed immediately after this short and sweet post because I’m so blissed out right now I feel like it should be illegal.

I was dancing with the line of consciousness so many times during that practice, I couldn’t tell if I was still awake or not a few times. The result? A totally amazing, rejuvenating feeling. I can already tell that tomorrow is going to be a GREAT day.

For anyone that’s never tried it, try Yin Yoga. I couldn’t do it every day, but I’m thinking that this needs to stay in my life at least once a week… forever. Because it really is THAT good. (It’s really great with the wonderful Brenna as an instructor too, if you ever get a chance to take her class for my local friends).



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