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So, anyone with children knows… plans are a joke.

I’m surprised I’ve been able to work evening practices into my schedule as much as I have in the past month. Tonight, it was near impossible though.

My children hate going to sleep. Every single night I get the “can I stay up late?!” “But why not??” “Just one more story/song?” “I have to pee” “I need a drink” “I need my light on” “I need to change my pajamas” etc.

Tonight was worse than usual and my eyes were bugging me. I just wanted them to go to sleep nicely, after a story. The little devils wouldn’t get in the bathroom and brush their teeth though! Despite me standing in the hallway, tapping my toe, and humming the jeopardy countdown in my head… they would NOT do it. “I need my other toothbrush… it’s downstairs” “I don’t like that toothpaste” “We’re out of kid mouthwash, I’ll use yours—ahhhh, it’s too spicy, now I need a drink” zomg. Just brush your dang teeth and get in your bed!

After 45 minutes of them bumbling around they finally got in bed, in their chonies, and I had had it. It was past their bedtime. It was encroaching on my yoga time. I have morning yoga in the morning, brats! I need to be ASLEEP by 11 and I have to shower after yoga! 😦

Needless to say, I didn’t have time for balance tonight. So, I subbed. I did Travis Eliot’s Short & Sweet #2, and it was a great practice. It did feel rather “short” though. I apparently was thirsting for a long practice tonight. It hit all the right places though and at least I managed to get that in.

Sidenote— the scissor holds near the end are amazing. My core was on fire from those.

Now I’m off to bed so I can be on my mat at the studio bright and early. It feels like it’s been forever (a whole week!).

For all of you that are doing the UY program, we have to honor ourselves, our hectic lives, and all of the hindrances that come up along the way. We may not be able to get on our mat for the full amount of time that is necessary to complete a UY dvd, but every minute that we are on our mat counts, however long it is. Do what you can, when you can. It all counts on our way to being better yogis; on our way to being ultimate.




It was another sweatfest at my house last night.

The boyfriend was over, so I told him he had to do yoga with me. I’d been missing the strength class since I’ve been going to the studio on Wednesday’s (and I’m not as much of a rockstar as Sandy, who doesn’t count that toward her UY 108…), so I opted to do strength this week instead of detox.

With all the sweating I did though, I’m pretty sure it could count as a detox class.

I was mildly annoyed throughout the whole practice, since the boyfriend doesn’t regularly practice yoga, but he was effortlessly flowing through the practice… And was jumping back through chatturanga. Seriously!? No fair.

I decided it’s because he’s so much stronger than me, and does push ups for fun. SMH. I’m going to throw the balance class at him next time… See how he likes that! Psh.

That being said, it was a really great practice. My arms were DYING, like usual. I couldn’t hold them out the entire time in warrior & horse, I simply couldn’t FEEL them any longer TO hold them up. LOL

It was kind of fun getting to help him with some modifications, or tweaking his pose so that his alignment was better… maybe I DO have some “want” to teach…

Since the boyfriend was there, I also had him snap a pic of me in a pose, since normally I can’t get yoga photos. Unfortunately, the lighting wasn’t the best and he didn’t use the flash, so the quality isn’t the best… but here is me in bow pose!

I’m super excited to get home and do today’s practice! I’ll probably blog it when I’m done 🙂



I’ll be honest and admit that I haven’t completed the corresponding DVD to go with every day of UY in the past two weeks.

However, I *have* at least done SOME form of yoga every day. My children have been sleeping like crap and it’s been near impossible for me to roll out of bed each morning, alive. I can’t even fathom rolling out of bed and actually practicing a full 60-80mins of intense vinyasa in that condition. Eek.

A few days I opted to sleep in and do my practice at night, which is even worse I think than fighting through the sleepies in the morning and getting it done. So, I’m not making a habit if that one. Now that I’ve gotten used to it, I’m definitely a morning practitioner.

So, here we are. Day 52. Almost halfway completed.

Yesterday was one of the days that I practiced at night, it was actually 9:40pm before I even started (balance). I was tired. My daughter had barely slept the night before. She was up screaming her head off from about 11pm untli 3:30am. The joys of motherhood.

But, I knew I really needed yoga and I really need the balance class. Both physically and mentally.

We’ve already established I’m a nutcase. I love navasana. I love balance poses. I love the intensity, the rush, then the bliss that follows. Travis Eliot’s balance class is SO that. I laugh a lot, through beads of sweat. I roll my eyes. I breathe. My core is constantly being put to work and I’m aware that I’m alive and working

There is very little that compares to the rush of excitement when you realize you somehow managed to stay balanced on one foot for the duration of the pose. It may have not been pretty. It may have hurt like a biatch. But, dang it, I did it! << I had that feeling of triumph on the second side of the warrior 3 pose flow. I wobbled. I wasn’t as graceful as the instructors on the dvd… but I managed to keep my right foot off the ground the whole time!

It was hot and muggy in my room. I was literally dripping sweat. It was super hard to keep hold of my ankle in…. dancer? pose because I was so slick. But, it was amazing.

 photo IMG_20130521_221721_258_zpse7b61f9b.jpg

Glistening with sweat. Yes, I paused the dvd to snap a photo.

The savasana and good night’s sleep that followed the practice were even more amazing. I haven’t had a workout that satisfying in a while, and you all know how much I love yoga.

It was a mind game though. I had to talk myself into keeping the dvd in multiple times. I was ready to quit and go to bed because it was so late… But in the end I completed the whole class, and got to bed at around 11:40.

Then it was morning yoga this am at 6:15 at the studio. It was a super sweet class and I just love my fellow Main Street yogarians, and my yogamama Kath ❤

I’ll try to get back in the blogging groove.



Last night I was laying in bed, right before I fell asleep when I remembered that I had morning yoga at the studio today. That meant I had to get back up, pack a bag for the morning, and set my alarm for a little earlier.

I did. I even got up with the alarm and made it to yoga (though it was actually late and they were just waiting for me a couple mins after 6:15. I got stuck at the redlight at 6:14 and was like REALLY!?)

I’m so glad I got to have this morning practice. It was delightful. Hip openers galore, my favorite.A lengthy pigeon is exactly how I like to start my day.

My deltoids are sore. I could feel my arms wobbling each time I’d be exerting any arm strength. They’ve been working hard the past 38 days. Luckily, it shows so I’m not just miserably sore. Instead I’m all Yay! I’m sore because I’m getting MUSCLES! wooot!

So two wonderful ladies that I practice with at the studio have committed to 108 days too. All 3 of us have started it before and stopped for one reason or another. This time we’re in it for all 108 (well, that is the plan). I’ve continued with the 108 after my 30 days in April, Sandy decided to start “over” so that she’s in line with the facebook group doing round 3 of 108 along with Yariv. I’m not sure if Kath is continuing (she is our fearless leader, our yogamama, and has an amazing established home practice already) or if she has started at 1 with the group… but yea, one way or another we’re all going to do it!

We took a picture today after class…

Sandy, Kath, & Me. Here we go!

I’m so excited. I really hope I manage to stick with it, even if it’s just a short and sweet, or some suns, or something. I really want to make it all 108.

I’d love to hear from anyone else that is going to start the journey too (or any new journey, however long)!



Man. This getting up to do yoga at home in the early morning thing… It’s rough.

I laid in bed until 5:57am. I didn’t want to get up. I knew what was coming, since I’ve done these dvd’s before and detox… It’s a GREAT practice. One of my favorites for sure…but as it’s part of the “ultimate” series… It’s NOT easy. Knowing that you have such intensity headed your way can be crippling (at least to me). I can’t trick myself into thinking it’ll be a nice gentle practice like I can at the studio… Even though I have a block handy, a tie (for my make-shift strap until I buy one…), and a box of tissues all near my mat.

I know what’s in store. There is no fooling me.

So finally, I sucked it up, and I started. BOTH children were already awake and in my room. Little Miss insisted that she have the other mat next to mine to “do it wif youuu”. Which lasted all of 5 minutes.

I got my ujjayi breath and struggled to keep track of it through the practice. I had a few beautiful moments I had to pause and photograph.. Just so you can get a glimpse of *why* I keep insisting on this morning practice, though I’m NOT a morning person, and just being awake at 6am is a challenge for me.

So here’s a peak…

I caught a glimpse of this beautiful sunlit hillside & our maple tree during a twist.

During lateral angle, I saw my shadow on the wall from the light of the open window.

In those brief moments I was reminded how lucky I am. Lucky to be able to practice; to have found yoga; to be a part of this world and be able to watch the beauty of a clear spring morning.

The twists of the detox practice were invigorating. I know that I definitely need a good detox. I’m looking forward to the cleanse coming up & I’m going to really focus on making healthier choices when it comes to eating. If I can’t picture where it came from… I’m not going to eat it, at least for the most part, for the rest of this challenge. I need to fuel my body for this intensity because it definitely is NOT a joke, or a walk in the park.

I was reading Veggie Vinyasa’s blog yesterday, and she posted about the Dhyana May “Pose a day” Challenge. I decided, since I’m going to be doing yoga every day in May, why not try to get some photo’s & participate in “pose a day”? So I did.

This was last night’s May 1 photo, following the session of “hardcore”. Which was SUCH  a sweet feeling after the intensity of the core work. Mmmm. Paschimottanasana. (And oh look, I actually have some muscle tone now!!!!)

May 1: Forward fold (seated)

And then this morning during my practice, I had my five year old monster snap a photo of a Downward Dog, for May 2.

May 2: Downward Dog

Another day. Another beginning. Another downward dog.



Day 31: Yowza

Posted on: May 1, 2013

I did it! I completed my first morning session of Travis Eliot’s Ultimate Yogi. And of course I picked up on a “day 3” of the week (Day 31) with strength. I’ll be honest… I almost switched the DVD after the intro as I was remembering everything that goes on in the practice and did Crosstrain.. But then I was like NO. I’m going to do it. I CAN do it. I’m on day 31 after all. Besides I *want* an awesome core and he does every version of plank.. I NEED to do Strength. So I did.

Note to self, I should probably do a teensy bit of stretching during him talking in the beginning, because my morning body just wasn’t ready to jump right in. That first downward dog was kinda painful with my morning body’s stiffness. So, I paused a second and wiggled around and problem solved.

I am a little bit surprised by how awesome I feel right now. I mean, I shouldn’t be because Kath kills us in the morning occasionally (cough, yesterday, cough) but the first time I started this program, I wasn’t in the same mindset, and doing it at night after I was already exhausted and stressed out because of bedtime and everything, I just couldn’t get to where I am right now.

Pure bliss.

I need to go shower and get ready for work, but man. I just couldn’t wait to write it out so on hard mornings I can look back at this and be like SEE you dummy, YOU LOVE THIS.

I’ll admit I cut the practice a little short and completely skipped the last set of yogi push-ups & the arm balance flow. I just wasn’t ready for it this morning and I didn’t want to feel defeated.

There were also a few times I said “holy ish”… and wanted to stop bc it’s HARD. But I saw Yariv (on the dvd of course) and having talked to him a few times on the facebook group, I just thought about all his encouragement and positivity to everyone participating and was like NO. Brittany THAT mind is why you’re doing this. You can do it; and I did.

Plus, Little Miss had woke up midway through my practice, grabbed my extra mat & put it on the floor next to me… And then knocked over the standup mirror and it hit me in the head as I was looking the other direction… So, I was feeling a bit dizzy.

My yoga-helper, during happy baby.

Day 31, in the books.

Edited to add: I made the boyfriend do hardcore with me tonight. So woo! I got that in too! 🙂



It’s here. The last day of April. The last day of the Main Street Yoga April yoga challenge. Day 30. I am finished. I did it! 30 days for $30.

All those hearts are MINE! 😀 ❤

It’s an ending but also just the beginning as I continue on my journey with The Ultimate Yogi. I get to reacquaint myself with Travis Eliot. I’ll reestablish my love/hate relationship with him (emphasis on the love… though sometimes I really have to grit my teeth during his practices and remember to BREATHE).

The end of the month of April is so bittersweet. I love my fellow Main Street yogarians. The community that Kath has brought together there is just amazing. So much positive qi (chi). You can’t hang out with those people and ever feel like you’re less. They bring out the best of you (well, me).

Looking back on this month, it’s been such a transformative journey already. April started with craziness for me. It was freezing. The morning practices would start in blackness and some days even finish dark. There was frost & the need to blast the heat on high for half of my trip to the studio. The days have now lengthened. The sun is already on the rise when my alarm goes off in the morning, and the sun is still on it’s descent after the evening class is finished. It’s been warm enough to wear a sundress, without also wearing goosebumps. It’s been rainy and miserable. It’s been sunny and beautiful.

Every time I meet my mat, I’m different. The mat, the postures, the space, they are all the same. But I am different. Each time I’m more in tune with my body. Getting to know what it needs, what it means when it feels a certain way. One day I may be vulnerable, the next needy, or strong, weak, wild, spunky, scared, timid, joyful. Some days I’m just existing. Other days I am alive, pulsing with the prana, feeling the breath awaken the dusty depths of my soul.

Every day I am different.

Every time I get on my mat, I am transformed.

Thank you Kath, for the start of this beautiful transformation.



A big congratulatory “Om” to all of my yogis that completed the April challenge, and to all of those that are starting their own.


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