Goodbye Ordinary

Today I surprised myself and looked at the UY schedule and saw Cardio. I loathed Cardio. If you go back through my blog I’m sure there are some posts complaining about how hard it is. I didn’t remember the practice, but I remembered it’s long. and tiring. and hard. and sweaty.

I kept thinking what other workout programs I have… Piyo, T25, 21 Day Fix, Yoga Warrior 365 (that’s still in the cellophane for over a year… oops) and trying to decide what I should do during naptime today.

Then I’m not quite sure what came over me but at 11am I was like hmm.. If I workout NOW while Little Miss is watching a movie… I can make lunch, shower, AND possibly take a nap WITH her. hmm.

So, I got my butt up, rolled out my mat, and popped in Cardio.

I’m not going to lie, it was as hard as I thought it was going to be. His “series of 10” was a series of 5ish and a realllly long childs pose. I drank some water, watched the making ultimate yogis finish the series NOT dying… and jumped back in for the next part. I finished the rest of the practice with them and there we go.

Then instead of napping with the girl after a short shower, I decided to take a hot bath with some tea tree oil. It was heavenly.

My muscles are still groaning from the workouts of this week. I love it. I mean, it does kind of hurt when I switch from standing to sitting or vice versa but… It’s worth it.

Tomorrow I’ve convinced my fiancé to come home early so he can watch the children and I can make it to a class at the studio. I cannot WAIT. If only my mat were less slippy already. That would be even more perfect.


Today I rolled out my mat to actually practice YOGA instead of one of the BeachBody programs that I’ve been doing off an on for almost a year now…

I did make it to ONE yoga class at the wonderful Main Street Yoga a while back, but still. Really? Who is this person I’ve become?!

I got lazy. I got chubby. I lost stamina, muscle tone, balance (both physically and mentally), and man do I miss my peeps.

I almost didn’t roll out my mat today (for yoga, that is). I decided I was in fact going to exercise, but my daughter laid down for a nap, I resisted the urge to curl up next to her, but I almost picked a beachbody workout that was more in the 30 minute range… So that I COULD be lazy after while she was still asleep.

Instead I was moving around DVDs on the corner shelf that hasn’t been touched in ages, and found my The Ultimate Yogi set wedged behind some other DVDs and thought hmm… “I miss Travis” So, I popped in CrossTrain and got to it.

I haven’t done a UY asana in probably a year. It makes me sad to say that. UY was such a part of my life for a while… and then it started collecting dust as life got busy and though the intention was never to let it go so long, one day turned into a week, into a month, into months, into a year… and bam. Here we are.

I was intimidated to press play. I couldn’t remember the practice, I knew it used to be a favorite, but I am NOT in the shape I used to be in. I knew it lasted 50ish minutes, and that those minutes seem long when you’re out of shape… But somehow, I managed to press play. I am SO glad that I did.

The entire practice, I felt my muscles stretching, lengthening, and groaning a bit. It felt GOOD. It felt like home.

I paused a few different times as I realized that I had a smirk on my face- like one you get when you are reminiscing with an old friend.

My body remembered.

I wasn’t distracted at all. I listed to Travis’s cues and focused on my ujjayi breath and just fell into the flow.

I’m not going to lie during that last flow I almost just took child’s pose and waited it out. I was tired. My arms felt like they were going to give out during every chatturanga of that flow, my legs were shaking, but I felt beautiful. I felt free. I felt like ME.

How did I let myself lose such a big piece of me for so long? The truly crazy part is, I didn’t even realize that it was missing until I found it today.

Now if only I could get a daily practice back into my routine, it’d all be peachy.


Yesterday was our second day running in the woods with my new shoes :P.

Today is definitely going to be a yoga only day because the running has caught up to me finally and my calves are sore.

Last night’s “run” was intense. It was Week 2 Day 3 of couch to 5k. We are testing out all of the “trainers” to see who we like best. Wednesday was Johnny Dead, last night was the Sergeant. Anyway, since Wednesday we tried to find the lower trail (that kind of loops around the woods) and we couldn’t, and the monster had trouble going through the higher weeds, we decided to just go back the way we came… which had been downhill.

The Monster on the trail

The Monster on the trail

Bad idea. We missed an entire “jog” cue because it was on the steepest part of the hill and just hiking up it I thought my lungs were going to explode. Eeek. Not doing that route again.

Our total (for the app) was 1.99 miles in 31 minutes, but we weren’t quite home yet when it finished so we went just over 2 miles. So going into week 3 we are sitting at 11.7 miles with the app. Not too shabby, especially considering there have been a few days we’ve done extra, and then multiple walks without the app. So yay for getting up and out!

Last night before bed I did a little yoga to stretch out those calves, Achilles, and hammys. Then of course I felt like doing some back bends and even some push ups too! It was just a jumble of “oooh this feels good” “mmmm now this part feels neglected”… but it was nice.

Tonight I’m planning to do yin as recovery.

I’m SO missing the studio. Kath, come homeeee!


Man, I’m awful at this sporadic posting thing.

I have such an “all or nothing” personality and I really need to work on that. When I’m excited about something I’m all in. Then something happens and I fail and it is SO hard for me to get back on the ball. Which is actually really funny because in many other aspects of my life, I’m hella flexible & love the change.

Exercise and blogging though? I need help. I’m too rigid and I end up suffering because of it.

No more.

I made it 94 consecutive days (minus one) of yoga. Mainly The Ultimate Yogi, but a few days just Suns or some random flow that I made up as I went along. I also subbed some of the hour practices for Travis’s Short and Sweets.

I lost my streak and am happy to report that aside from my weekend in Mexico, I’ve still been doing yoga (of some sort) most days and finished 108 “days of yoga”.

Now for the new commitment.

It’s almost my birthday. I’ll be 24 this year. I’ve decided that I’m going to make this year all about getting healthy and “fit”. I want to be more active than ever (which sadly, won’t take too much, I’ve been a sloth for yearsss). I want to keep up with the kids instead of just being tired and cranky.

So here’s what I propose for myself:

1. I’m going to do a local trail run challenge in October. I bought amazing trail running shoes yesterday and my 5yo and I are going to train for it. We’ve started the “couch to 5k” program, via the app, and are on week two.

Inov8 Trailroc236

Inov8 Trailroc236

Used a babyleg as an armband to hold my phone: best idea ever!

Used a babyleg as an armband to hold my phone: best idea ever!

2. Yoga Warrior 365 with Rudy Mettia is releasing soon. I’m going to buy it and try it out. I’m going into it knowing that I will NOT be doing the hour long dvd EVERY day. But I’m going to use it on some sort of a schedule.

3. The Ultimate Yogi with Travis Eliot. I love Travis. I love the UY program. I’m not ready to give him/it up completely, so i’ll be working practice from UY into the YW program too.

**There is an AWESOME group of people I’ve met through the UY program on Facebook, who is also intending to do a collaboration of UY108 and YW365. They call it the “Ultimate Yogi Warrior”. So if I abbreviate UYW, that’s what I’m referring to.

4. Main Street Yoga. I’ve found that though I love my home practice, I absolutely NEED at least one class a week with my yogini clan at MSY. They revitalize me and keep me excited and help me on my journey.

I intend to continue my blog about life and my (mainly yoga) journey to fitness. Hopefully by this time next year, I’ll be in tip-top shape. 🙂

I also want to make use of my grama’s garden and get back on the juicing kick. I miss my spinach apple juice!

I’ve missed y’all, hope I’ve been missed too!


This post is GENIUS. I definitely need to practice more “Commuting yoga”. I have found that after a yoga class I’m a much better driver than before a yoga class because I’m still reluctant to join the reality of my life. I leave the radio off and keep the calm I just got from my practice…. Before yoga, I’m a mess. With a touch of road rage and a whole lot of impatience.

Amanda Green YOGA

Earlier this week, I was driving to teach a yoga class and I was seven minutes behind schedule.  I was trying to hold onto the really good idea that I wanted to teach while I was strategizing about how I was going to sweep the floor, pee and be in the front of the classroom before we were supposed to begin.  There was a car on the road and I didn’t think I was tailgating, but since I wasn’t really paying that much attention to driving with all the thinking I was doing, I might have been coming up on the guy just a tiny bit fast.  This car in the lane ahead of me seemed to get nervous, leaning a little to the left, then a little to the right side of the lane, but I barely noticed this as I continued to think my important thoughts and drive…

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Can you tell by the title that I got a little off track?

Sad, but true. I’m still practicing yoga everyday, but I felt like a phony as to the UY challenge, because right now it’s just SO difficult to do a time intensive practice. My kids are a terror to get to bed because it’s so nice out (and still bright) at 8:30… heck, it’s still bright out until around 10! By the time I get them to bed, get my stuff around for the next day, and get ready for bed, it’s usually at least 11 and I’m beat. I’ve been faithfully doing at the very least a few stretches & then a handful of suns before I start getting ready for work. It gets the kinks out of my body and switches my morning mood from “blahhhhh it’s time to be awake?! really?!” to “mmm it’s good to be ALIVE”; which is a beautiful switch.

Over this past weekend we turned a corner into being more active.

Friday: a 4.5 mile family walk/jog, with Little Miss in the stroller for 2.25 miles until my grama drove around “the block” (we live in the boonies, so the “block” is 4.5 miles), apparently.

Saturday: I bought hiking boots/shoes (the mid height ones, that have more ankle support), to help with that super rocky “dirt road” that is where we typically travel. We then went to a park for a while, played on the monkey bars, where I made an honest attempt at a pull up (ha), and actually got sore from messing around on them, shot hoops (which again, i’m terrible at, but it was FUN and that’s the intention,  went for a “hike” in the woods by our house…and got eaten alive by mosquitos. Ick. 29 bug bites on my legs, which btw are incredibly itchy. It was a good day that was finished with a bonfire until 1am with our close friends. It is summer. Perfection.

The Monster on the monkey bars.

Must be nice to be the one with the shortest legs… Little Miss gets to ride, one way or the other, on most of our adventures.

Sunday: we spent the day in/by the pool. It was great. I got a decent amount of sun, yay for a color that is different than milk! (Because yes, I was practically that pale)

I decided to keep it going and on Monday, the kids and I went on another long walk/jog. I have the handy Couch to 5k App on my phone, so off we set with Little Miss in the stroller and The Monster at my side (okay really, he was trailing behind me or sprinting past me). We did the whole 1/2 hour, week 1 day 2, but we had turned around at the end of our road, at 1.5 miles into it. So, when the 30 minutes were completed, we were only 2.2 miles in, and had .8 miles to get back to our house. We finished and I felt great. Maybe I don’t hate exercise as much as I’ve always claimed.

We moved this little guy from the middle of the road, to the hedgerow.

Today is Wednesday and the plan is to do that again, but it’s supposed to be a thunderstorm, so we’ll see. Maybe I’ll have a family date with Travis Eliot instead. (or too, I HAVE missed him).

I’ve missed writing. I should probably not let myself NOT post for that long again.


This morning has been crazy.

I woke up, snoozed the alarm like an idiot… and fell back asleep. That’s TEN MINUTES I didn’t have! I don’t give myself much time in the morning because all I do is pee, brush my teeth, put on shoes and grab my bag. Well, this morning I was out in record time because that alarm went off at 5:58am. My car clock read 6:00am when I got in (so it may have been like 6:01 according to my phone.

I didn’t even grab shoes this morning. Oops. Luckily I had flipflops in the car so I didn’t have to look like a crazy person when I got to town and ran into the studio barefoot. (Though, I’m sure it’s happened, considering we all want to be barefoot). 

I got there. I was even on time. Then the practice was great. It was actually pretty similar to last nights short and sweet, but with a few other things thrown in there, and a few things subbed. It was an intense practice for the morning and I got a little more sweaty than I like since I have to go straight to work. Oh well.

I had a brief passing thought during the practice “I should cut my hair. It’s freaking hot.” But, I won’t. Then I’d cry. Though, I think this summer is going to be insanely hot with my long hair.

#Longhairdontcare? Sorta.

I’m sore today, especially through my side body. All those lateral angles in last night’s practice (and then this mornings practice) apparently got me. It feels good, I haven’t been this sore in a while. I think it’s because it was something “different”. It’s delicious.

Also, everyone that has a smartphone should download Voxer. It turns your phone into a walkie talkie. It’s pretty much the beezneez.

And with that, I should get back to work.

Enjoy this beautiful day! Namaste,


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