Goodbye Ordinary


I never know which direction I should go in these “about me” spaces. Everyone else always seems so interesting. Here is the down low on me…
My name is Brittany, online I currently go by Brin. I am obsessed with names and etymology; though I don’t particularly care for mine, and really don’t like “Britt”. I answer to many things: Mommy being the most important to me. I have big blue eyes, a big heart, and dimples when I smile. I love to laugh. I despise being alone. I have anxiety, but I’m a trooper and usually don’t let it stand in my way. I hold grudges. I am one of the most loyal people I know. I am very transparent. If I feel something, you know it, whatever it may be. I love…no, I LIVE to talk. I have moved a lot and value diversity. I’m very hard headed. I live in organized chaos (suuuuper messy, but it works for me). I eat like a horse. I don’t like mushrooms. I feel like I should have been a hippie. I love being barefoot. I wear my children. I love easily, and with my whole heart. Silence terrifies me, so do(es) clowns, chainsaws, and rejection. I’m a perfectionist… who is VERY impatient. I’m a new-to-yoga enthusiast. and I love to talk about myself (hence the blog).
Most importantly, I’m me, and I own it.


2 Responses to "About"

Hey! I have given you a Liebster Award because I love your blog and think you deserve many more readers! Learn more here:

I love your outlook on life , keep up the great blog.I gave you a follow so i’m hoping to catch your most recent post.take care.

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