Goodbye Ordinary

21 day Fix

Posted on: March 2, 2015

So, over the past year, I’ve been trying other exercise programs (both yoga and not) to try to figure out what “works” for me. My problem with ANY workout program is I’m fantastic at committing to it for the first 2 weeks. Then Boom. I suck.

The only time that wasn’t the case was with MSY’s “April Challenge” years ago, where we could go all 30 days to the studio. Somehow THAT kept me on track. (I think it was partly the socializing of it).

Anyway, over the course of the past year, I tried a few of the beach body workouts: T25, Piyo, and 21 Day Fix. In doing so, I got a “coach”, Jessica, who is a wonderful woman and a super mom! Her “challenge groups” on facebook were always so fun and kept me accountable (whether many other people participated or not) and it seemed to help me stay on track.

Today we started a 21 Day Fix challenge group. It’ll be my first time actually doing the program as it was made to do. Last time, I did it as a mix of piyo and 21 day fix, and I had good results but I didn’t get to try all of the 21 day fix workouts because of the mashed schedule with piyo.

Tonight the kids and I put the first disc in and did Total Body Cardio Fix. It was a first for me, because on the modified schedule, Monday’s were a Piyo day. It kicked my butt. I hate Cardio. At least in yoga you’re focused on your breath and not the exercise so you don’t realize how hard it actually is (at least for me). All I have to say is I’m SO glad that the workouts are in 60 second increments, because if they were any longer, I’d probably have a heart attack.

My favorite part of the 21 Day Fix is definitely the food side. It really opens your eyes to portion sizes and what we SHOULD be eating. I thought I ate “so many fruits and veggies” until I ate according to the meal plan. Then I was like wow… What DO I eat?!

Those little containers are deceiving bc I was worried I’d starve to death and most days I could barely finish all of my containers!

I’m also planning to actually start “coaching”, so if anyone is interested, get in touch with me!



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