Goodbye Ordinary


Posted on: February 26, 2015

Today I finally made it to MSY to practice. It was one of my fellow yogi’s who is now a yoga teacher that was teaching class. I was amped. There’s nothing like watching someone you love do something they love and are great at!

The class was “Slow Flow: Balance” and it was dreamy.

My muscles are tight and sore from not used to being worked and the work I put them through the past two days. I needed a nice long stretch and that’s exactly what this class gave me. And boy, did an hour FLY by!

I have a block at home, but my practice space is the middle of the living room and I don’t ever use the wall, though occasionally I grab on to the couch or entertainment center if I need some extra help and the block doesn’t suffice.

Today though, we made a point to use props (the wall & 2 blocks) to help access some poses that may be out of reach… or atleast pretty darn uncomfortable and fulllll of turbulence.

One of those poses was half moon. While I usually love most balance poses, I typically hate half moon. I shake like a tree in a hurricane and I just cannot find the openness in my chest to put my arm actually toward the sky without falling… even with a block.

Tonight though, Sandy opened up a new world to me using the wall. By placing my foot against the wall, I could actually extended my arm to the sky and feel that amazing stretch. It was great! THEN we did a vinyasa using half moon and wouldn’t you know… I did it unassisted (well, with the block!) Who knew?

I know sometimes props feel like “crutches” and they don’t typically showcase them in Yoga Journal or any of those “pro” photos, but let me tell you something… Props are rad!

I sweat like crazy in tonights class and my new Manduka Pro mat is soo slippery (3rd time use today) so that was a challenge, but I walked out of class feeling so refreshed and those sore muscles? They’re completely relaxed and happy right now. (Shh don’t tell my fiancé, he had promised me a massage bc I was so sore yesterday).

Yoga really is amazing. Everyone should try it. lol



2 Responses to "Props."

*whimper* This post makes me SO SAD I could not stay for tonight’s class. It was so great to see you, though. Come back and take a class with ME, now, okay? Love that you are blogging again, too! You are such a good writer!

Yes! Right now Mon & Wed are off the table because Matt is in 2 archery leagues, but I’m going to try to pick a day each week and make it happen! and I missed blogging but there are enough wedding bloggers and wedding stuff has been taking up most my free time until recently 😛

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