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Posted on: February 26, 2015

Today I finally made it to MSY to practice. It was one of my fellow yogi’s who is now a yoga teacher that was teaching class. I was amped. There’s nothing like watching someone you love do something they love and are great at!

The class was “Slow Flow: Balance” and it was dreamy.

My muscles are tight and sore from not used to being worked and the work I put them through the past two days. I needed a nice long stretch and that’s exactly what this class gave me. And boy, did an hour FLY by!

I have a block at home, but my practice space is the middle of the living room and I don’t ever use the wall, though occasionally I grab on to the couch or entertainment center if I need some extra help and the block doesn’t suffice.

Today though, we made a point to use props (the wall & 2 blocks) to help access some poses that may be out of reach… or atleast pretty darn uncomfortable and fulllll of turbulence.

One of those poses was half moon. While I usually love most balance poses, I typically hate half moon. I shake like a tree in a hurricane and I just cannot find the openness in my chest to put my arm actually toward the sky without falling… even with a block.

Tonight though, Sandy opened up a new world to me using the wall. By placing my foot against the wall, I could actually extended my arm to the sky and feel that amazing stretch. It was great! THEN we did a vinyasa using half moon and wouldn’t you know… I did it unassisted (well, with the block!) Who knew?

I know sometimes props feel like “crutches” and they don’t typically showcase them in Yoga Journal or any of those “pro” photos, but let me tell you something… Props are rad!

I sweat like crazy in tonights class and my new Manduka Pro mat is soo slippery (3rd time use today) so that was a challenge, but I walked out of class feeling so refreshed and those sore muscles? They’re completely relaxed and happy right now. (Shh don’t tell my fiancé, he had promised me a massage bc I was so sore yesterday).

Yoga really is amazing. Everyone should try it. lol



Today I surprised myself and looked at the UY schedule and saw Cardio. I loathed Cardio. If you go back through my blog I’m sure there are some posts complaining about how hard it is. I didn’t remember the practice, but I remembered it’s long. and tiring. and hard. and sweaty.

I kept thinking what other workout programs I have… Piyo, T25, 21 Day Fix, Yoga Warrior 365 (that’s still in the cellophane for over a year… oops) and trying to decide what I should do during naptime today.

Then I’m not quite sure what came over me but at 11am I was like hmm.. If I workout NOW while Little Miss is watching a movie… I can make lunch, shower, AND possibly take a nap WITH her. hmm.

So, I got my butt up, rolled out my mat, and popped in Cardio.

I’m not going to lie, it was as hard as I thought it was going to be. His “series of 10” was a series of 5ish and a realllly long childs pose. I drank some water, watched the making ultimate yogis finish the series NOT dying… and jumped back in for the next part. I finished the rest of the practice with them and there we go.

Then instead of napping with the girl after a short shower, I decided to take a hot bath with some tea tree oil. It was heavenly.

My muscles are still groaning from the workouts of this week. I love it. I mean, it does kind of hurt when I switch from standing to sitting or vice versa but… It’s worth it.

Tomorrow I’ve convinced my fiancé to come home early so he can watch the children and I can make it to a class at the studio. I cannot WAIT. If only my mat were less slippy already. That would be even more perfect.

Today I rolled out my mat to actually practice YOGA instead of one of the BeachBody programs that I’ve been doing off an on for almost a year now…

I did make it to ONE yoga class at the wonderful Main Street Yoga a while back, but still. Really? Who is this person I’ve become?!

I got lazy. I got chubby. I lost stamina, muscle tone, balance (both physically and mentally), and man do I miss my peeps.

I almost didn’t roll out my mat today (for yoga, that is). I decided I was in fact going to exercise, but my daughter laid down for a nap, I resisted the urge to curl up next to her, but I almost picked a beachbody workout that was more in the 30 minute range… So that I COULD be lazy after while she was still asleep.

Instead I was moving around DVDs on the corner shelf that hasn’t been touched in ages, and found my The Ultimate Yogi set wedged behind some other DVDs and thought hmm… “I miss Travis” So, I popped in CrossTrain and got to it.

I haven’t done a UY asana in probably a year. It makes me sad to say that. UY was such a part of my life for a while… and then it started collecting dust as life got busy and though the intention was never to let it go so long, one day turned into a week, into a month, into months, into a year… and bam. Here we are.

I was intimidated to press play. I couldn’t remember the practice, I knew it used to be a favorite, but I am NOT in the shape I used to be in. I knew it lasted 50ish minutes, and that those minutes seem long when you’re out of shape… But somehow, I managed to press play. I am SO glad that I did.

The entire practice, I felt my muscles stretching, lengthening, and groaning a bit. It felt GOOD. It felt like home.

I paused a few different times as I realized that I had a smirk on my face- like one you get when you are reminiscing with an old friend.

My body remembered.

I wasn’t distracted at all. I listed to Travis’s cues and focused on my ujjayi breath and just fell into the flow.

I’m not going to lie during that last flow I almost just took child’s pose and waited it out. I was tired. My arms felt like they were going to give out during every chatturanga of that flow, my legs were shaking, but I felt beautiful. I felt free. I felt like ME.

How did I let myself lose such a big piece of me for so long? The truly crazy part is, I didn’t even realize that it was missing until I found it today.

Now if only I could get a daily practice back into my routine, it’d all be peachy.


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