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Drive like a yogi

Posted on: June 27, 2013

This post is GENIUS. I definitely need to practice more “Commuting yoga”. I have found that after a yoga class I’m a much better driver than before a yoga class because I’m still reluctant to join the reality of my life. I leave the radio off and keep the calm I just got from my practice…. Before yoga, I’m a mess. With a touch of road rage and a whole lot of impatience.

Amanda Green YOGA

Earlier this week, I was driving to teach a yoga class and I was seven minutes behind schedule.  I was trying to hold onto the really good idea that I wanted to teach while I was strategizing about how I was going to sweep the floor, pee and be in the front of the classroom before we were supposed to begin.  There was a car on the road and I didn’t think I was tailgating, but since I wasn’t really paying that much attention to driving with all the thinking I was doing, I might have been coming up on the guy just a tiny bit fast.  This car in the lane ahead of me seemed to get nervous, leaning a little to the left, then a little to the right side of the lane, but I barely noticed this as I continued to think my important thoughts and drive…

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