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This post is GENIUS. I definitely need to practice more “Commuting yoga”. I have found that after a yoga class I’m a much better driver than before a yoga class because I’m still reluctant to join the reality of my life. I leave the radio off and keep the calm I just got from my practice…. Before yoga, I’m a mess. With a touch of road rage and a whole lot of impatience.

Amanda Green YOGA

Earlier this week, I was driving to teach a yoga class and I was seven minutes behind schedule.  I was trying to hold onto the really good idea that I wanted to teach while I was strategizing about how I was going to sweep the floor, pee and be in the front of the classroom before we were supposed to begin.  There was a car on the road and I didn’t think I was tailgating, but since I wasn’t really paying that much attention to driving with all the thinking I was doing, I might have been coming up on the guy just a tiny bit fast.  This car in the lane ahead of me seemed to get nervous, leaning a little to the left, then a little to the right side of the lane, but I barely noticed this as I continued to think my important thoughts and drive…

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Can you tell by the title that I got a little off track?

Sad, but true. I’m still practicing yoga everyday, but I felt like a phony as to the UY challenge, because right now it’s just SO difficult to do a time intensive practice. My kids are a terror to get to bed because it’s so nice out (and still bright) at 8:30… heck, it’s still bright out until around 10! By the time I get them to bed, get my stuff around for the next day, and get ready for bed, it’s usually at least 11 and I’m beat. I’ve been faithfully doing at the very least a few stretches & then a handful of suns before I start getting ready for work. It gets the kinks out of my body and switches my morning mood from “blahhhhh it’s time to be awake?! really?!” to “mmm it’s good to be ALIVE”; which is a beautiful switch.

Over this past weekend we turned a corner into being more active.

Friday: a 4.5 mile family walk/jog, with Little Miss in the stroller for 2.25 miles until my grama drove around “the block” (we live in the boonies, so the “block” is 4.5 miles), apparently.

Saturday: I bought hiking boots/shoes (the mid height ones, that have more ankle support), to help with that super rocky “dirt road” that is where we typically travel. We then went to a park for a while, played on the monkey bars, where I made an honest attempt at a pull up (ha), and actually got sore from messing around on them, shot hoops (which again, i’m terrible at, but it was FUN and that’s the intention,  went for a “hike” in the woods by our house…and got eaten alive by mosquitos. Ick. 29 bug bites on my legs, which btw are incredibly itchy. It was a good day that was finished with a bonfire until 1am with our close friends. It is summer. Perfection.

The Monster on the monkey bars.

Must be nice to be the one with the shortest legs… Little Miss gets to ride, one way or the other, on most of our adventures.

Sunday: we spent the day in/by the pool. It was great. I got a decent amount of sun, yay for a color that is different than milk! (Because yes, I was practically that pale)

I decided to keep it going and on Monday, the kids and I went on another long walk/jog. I have the handy Couch to 5k App on my phone, so off we set with Little Miss in the stroller and The Monster at my side (okay really, he was trailing behind me or sprinting past me). We did the whole 1/2 hour, week 1 day 2, but we had turned around at the end of our road, at 1.5 miles into it. So, when the 30 minutes were completed, we were only 2.2 miles in, and had .8 miles to get back to our house. We finished and I felt great. Maybe I don’t hate exercise as much as I’ve always claimed.

We moved this little guy from the middle of the road, to the hedgerow.

Today is Wednesday and the plan is to do that again, but it’s supposed to be a thunderstorm, so we’ll see. Maybe I’ll have a family date with Travis Eliot instead. (or too, I HAVE missed him).

I’ve missed writing. I should probably not let myself NOT post for that long again.


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