Goodbye Ordinary

Day 31: Yowza

Posted on: May 1, 2013

I did it! I completed my first morning session of Travis Eliot’s Ultimate Yogi. And of course I picked up on a “day 3” of the week (Day 31) with strength. I’ll be honest… I almost switched the DVD after the intro as I was remembering everything that goes on in the practice and did Crosstrain.. But then I was like NO. I’m going to do it. I CAN do it. I’m on day 31 after all. Besides I *want* an awesome core and he does every version of plank.. I NEED to do Strength. So I did.

Note to self, I should probably do a teensy bit of stretching during him talking in the beginning, because my morning body just wasn’t ready to jump right in. That first downward dog was kinda painful with my morning body’s stiffness. So, I paused a second and wiggled around and problem solved.

I am a little bit surprised by how awesome I feel right now. I mean, I shouldn’t be because Kath kills us in the morning occasionally (cough, yesterday, cough) but the first time I started this program, I wasn’t in the same mindset, and doing it at night after I was already exhausted and stressed out because of bedtime and everything, I just couldn’t get to where I am right now.

Pure bliss.

I need to go shower and get ready for work, but man. I just couldn’t wait to write it out so on hard mornings I can look back at this and be like SEE you dummy, YOU LOVE THIS.

I’ll admit I cut the practice a little short and completely skipped the last set of yogi push-ups & the arm balance flow. I just wasn’t ready for it this morning and I didn’t want to feel defeated.

There were also a few times I said “holy ish”… and wanted to stop bc it’s HARD. But I saw Yariv (on the dvd of course) and having talked to him a few times on the facebook group, I just thought about all his encouragement and positivity to everyone participating and was like NO. Brittany THAT mind is why you’re doing this. You can do it; and I did.

Plus, Little Miss had woke up midway through my practice, grabbed my extra mat & put it on the floor next to me… And then knocked over the standup mirror and it hit me in the head as I was looking the other direction… So, I was feeling a bit dizzy.

My yoga-helper, during happy baby.

Day 31, in the books.

Edited to add: I made the boyfriend do hardcore with me tonight. So woo! I got that in too! 🙂




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