Goodbye Ordinary

Day 28: Blah

Posted on: April 28, 2013

I’ve lost all of my blog motivation the past few days.

I’m still on track. 80 days to go. 2 days until the party for the April Yoga Challenge completion at the studio! So excited.

Then the true test of daily yoga begins… Daily yoga BY MYSELF. I need to re-clear out my room because laundry has taken over and I (again) don’t have room to practice in here.

I also need to find my calendar thingy with the UY schedule. Hopefully it’s still in with the DVDs!

I’ve been crampy and lazy and just sleepy allll day. Yoga was nice. hard. then soft. Just nice.

I need to get everything around for the morning… and shower… but I just want to lay here. Forever.

Sorry if you wasted your time reading this… blah.



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