Goodbye Ordinary

Day 27: Bliss

Posted on: April 27, 2013

Today has been pretty fantastic.

Woke up, dragged my butt to yoga, it was a great class full of hip-openers, and by that I mean ones that ACTUALLY opened my hips more. Normally, when we touch on hips in class, I don’t get anywhere. My hips are so flexible that baddha konasana, even laying completely forward onto my stomach with my face and everything eating the mat… I feel nothing.

We did double seated pigeon, or “fire log”, and when I laid forward like that, I could feel a little… but I felt it more in my butt. It was still a yummy stretch though.

Next we did gomukhasana legs and again extended forward. I had my chin resting on my bottom knee, with my chest on my legs. THAT got in there. It was fantastic.

We also did wide angle seated forward fold and I got pretty far in that, except for having lotion on my shins… which made it really difficult to grab my legs and get the other version of the stretch. I could NOT stabilize. It was actually pretty funny.

Anyway, before savasana I decided to play with the openness and see where I am with hanumanasana (splits). I DID IT! Not only that… but I did it on BOTH sides.

I was amazed and decided to shift to see if I could get into straddle split… And I did! Whaaaat?! I haven’t done a straddle split since I got pregnant with Little Miss in 2009!

My long legs didn’t quite fit because of the wall behind the photographer 😛

Then it was off to the “city” (ha) for some shopping, pedicures (with wine) and hibachi lunch with the girls! It was a great time.

Hope everyone else had a great day!



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