Goodbye Ordinary

Day 23: Becoming One

Posted on: April 23, 2013

You know the expression “become one with the Earth”?

I’ve always thought it was kinda cheesy. Like, really?! Not going to happen.

The more time I spend on my mat, the more I “get” it, this concept of becoming one. Not just with the earth, but with yourself. Blending breath with your body. Your heart/mind/spirit, working in unison. Building sweet harmonies, all on the foundation of the breath.

Break it down a little deeper… We are made up of water and other particles. We need the air to function. We need the Earth. We need trees, sun, soil, water. That is life.

Everytime you breath in, you’re using the earth. Everytime you exhale, you’re building the earth. It’s a continuous give and take. We all know, we take way more than we give from the earth. How can we give back more? How can we change ourselves so that we recognize our greed and halt it in it’s tracks, so we can ration the sweetness the earth has to offer? What can you do?

It’s the start of gardening season. Can you plant something this year? Anything. A flower. A pumpkin. A tree. Some corn/peas/broccoli/tomatoes? Put your fingers in the soil and get the dirt under your nails. Feel it. Recognize it for what it is and what it does for you.

Just as sometime in your day pause for a moment, mindfully take inventory of your breath. You probably are breathing very shallowly. Can you deepen your breath and feel that in your chest? Feel how the breath makes you come alive. Feel your heart beating. Feel your ribs expand as you breath in the crisp spring air.

Pranakriya yoga is so alivening. The attention we give to our breathing in these classes is delicious. The breath is front and center. Victorious breathing; Ujjayi. It’s a lifeforce. It is what keeps us alive. There truly aren’t even words powerful enough to describe the feeling of those moments, during and immediately after the intensity that is pranakriya. Entwining breath with motion so seamlessly that it’s as if you cannot do one without the other…. Then the sweet floating that comes from just doing nothing and soaking it all in. Nothing in your mind but the breath and your inner light. Breathing in more light, exhaling all darkness.

In that moment, you are able to become one.




1 Response to "Day 23: Becoming One"

Love this post. I do Ujjayi breath all of the time without thinking about it. It calms me and helps me breathe in stressful situations. However, I always forget that other people can hear it. You’re completely right about breathing and soaking it in and becoming one. Those are the times I feel most connected.

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