Goodbye Ordinary

Day 22: Length is Strength

Posted on: April 22, 2013

It’s the last full week of the challenge. Week 3. Wooo. It’s still just the beginning for me since I’m planning to stay in the groove for 108, but still, once more baby step toward a great milestone.

Monday mornings are always important. They not only start your day, but your whole week! It’s such an important hinge-point. How is my day going to be? How is my week going to be? How am I going to feel through everything that happens? Am I going to be patient? Strong? Aware? Can I focus my attention on each moment, watching mindfully as first it comes, then it slips quietly away?

Monday mornings, the biggest hurdle is to GET UP.

Get up. Dress up. Show up.

I love going to the studio on Monday mornings. I have that accountability factor that motivates me to get there. This morning it was freezing, so I put on my yoga capris… Then covered them with fuzzy fleece pink leopard pajama pants.

Kath and “kind yoga man” were quick to pick on me for wearing pajamas, but in reality I was just prepared for my day…and besides, who can be grumpy even at 6am when you’re wearing hot pink leopard pajama pants?! Not this girl! (Dang, I should have taken a photo!)

That first stretch is always so amazing. Creating space and lengthening the spine, after it’d been slept on and crunched. My spine is always joyful with the release of tension.

Yoga is a place where I am happy to be tall and have my spine as long as possible. It’s a new thing because I have always been self-conscious of my height. Yoga has helped me get to a better place with it and stand proud (most of the time).

 photo ff066df8-83e6-4229-a3e0-6e8fdfa8e6d6_zps26ab568b.jpg

Down to 9!




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