Goodbye Ordinary

Day 19: Rock It!

Posted on: April 19, 2013

You know those reluctant mornings I always post about? The ones where I just want to stay in bed and be a bum?

Today was not one of those mornings.I woke up feeling rested. I had energy (at 5:50am). I was ready to GO. The monster woke up this morning too, so I loved on him a little and off I went.

On the way to town, the local radio station was talking about the Boston Marathon Bombing again. It kind of made me sick to my stomach and tear up a little. The cruelness in our world sucks.

It seemed even more unfair that such negativitiy and mayhem was clouding this beautiful day. The sky was pink with the sunrise. The clouds were fluffy and moving quickly across the sky. It was a perfect spring morning (and in the high fifties!).

So I got to yoga JUST under the wire at like 6:13. Went in, grabbed my spot and we began.

Our practice started with balance. Balance and I have a love/hate relationship. I love it when I can nail it… I hate it when it’s impossible. Ha.

This morning, I was in a “nail it” mode. Kath made a comment that the pose was our barometer for the day. On the first side, I was a little wobbly, but in it. On the second, BOOM. Right there. That was it. I got my ujjayi and held strong while probably not blinking, staring at my drishti (the point on the wood alter-ish thingy that holds the candle). I lifted my back leg higher and felt like I was almost in flight. It was awesome.

“You are going to have a great day, Brittany!” she said.

Yes ma’am. Yes ma’am, I am.

Up next in our practice were warriors/triangle. Then a bit of cardio. For those of you that are familiar with the Ulitimate Yogi series, the cardio was similar to the crescent lunge flow. One of my favorites but SO demanding. Especially since I did squats yesterday (no weight).

I worked up quite the sweat in this practice and defnitely had extreme energy. My thighs are on FIRE. My left hip is still acting up a bit. I’m not sure how to treat it since I’ve never had any hip issues before. Do I stretch? Do I leave it alone? Do I baby it?

I forgot breakfast this morning, so I stopped and grabbed a lunchable at Sheetz. I opened it up and again it confirms I’m going to have a great day…

 photo BD8597F1-F132-4D1E-8DAF-030A8DE289BB-713-000000D5D1153760_zpse3c0ce8b.jpg

It had a surprise chocolate in it! (Okay actually it had it on the package, but I didn’t see it… so it was a surprise to me!)

I hope you all have a great day too!

Jai bagwan!



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