Goodbye Ordinary

Day 16: Dessert for Breakfast

Posted on: April 16, 2013

I started this morning feeling like it was my first day in this body. I slowly took the ascent to the 2nd floor to the lounge/studio at 6am. I could feel my hips creaking, like my body is much older than it is. My hips were tight and creaky. I took off my shoes, grabbed my mat, and as I’m walking into the studio, I tripped over my own feet and lost my balance. Really?! It’s going to be one of THOSE mornings?

 photo IMG_20130416_060811_535_zpsf2c011ce.jpg

Proof we do yoga BEFORE the sun rises. ❤

Luckily, it wasn’t.

This morning’s class was taught by my dear friend Shelly. I’m going to tell you something about Shelly, for those of you who have never met her.

Shelly has this smile that I’m pretty sure radiates ser0tonin. I’m convinced that it is impossible to look at her while she’s smiling and NOT immediately feel uplifted and smile too. She walks into a room and you can feel it.

I’d never gotten the opportunity to make it to one of her classes before (they’re usually in the evening) and ahhh, it was delicious.

I’m happy to report that as a teacher, that radiance that always beams from her, was passed onto us through the class. It was enlivening. It was awesome.

It was a prana-kriya class, complete with kapalabhati, fire hydrants, and lots of luxorious stretching. It wasn’t passive stretching though. It was full of “aliveness”. It was active. It was prana. It was tasty.

Probably the very best part of the class was that I was truly in touch with my breath. Ujjayi pranayam is typically just something Kath says. Sometimes, I can do it a few times… But most of the time I can’t keep it up for more than a few breath cycles. I definitely lose it every time we’re in a pose.

Today that wasn’t the case. Shelly said something that really struck a chord with me. “There is nothing timid about your ujjayi breath”. I held onto that. I fought to HEAR it in every breath. (Of course, I lost it a couple of times.) I primarily focused on the ujjayi breath and put the posture as the secondary focus. I honestly am not sure I ever did that before. I mean, I know I’ve attempted that… and I’ve made the intention TO do that but I’m not sure I ever really got *there* like I did today.

This morning’s class was softness, with an edge, similar to yesterday. This is what I need in the morning. Just a little bit of fire to light up my brain and start my day!

We did a lateral angle stretch on our side with our leg and arm raised & stretched apart… I could feel my side body lengthen and it was so sweet. Fire hydrants are difficult but they are one of those poses that I love, because my hips call for them. With the leg outstretched… not so much. I have super long legs and gravity just makes me want to scream. Especially on mornings like today where my hips were still a little groggy.

I left the studio feeling like I’d just had cake for breakfast. A tasty treat, way sooner than I *should* be allowed to indulge in it. Mmmmm. Delicioso.



 photo 75442d0a-48db-4559-b6bc-a43d75d27cff_zps37a0401b.jpg

Still in it!


3 Responses to "Day 16: Dessert for Breakfast"

It was so nice to sleep in this morning, but then I had to wake up to this??? Now I am sorry I didn’t get up and go! Dammit.

Aww, I thought of you getting to enjoy your sleep and was a bit jealous… until it was over! 🙂

Btw, that’s totally how I feel when I hear about your evening classes where you kill them! “aw mannnnn” lol

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