Goodbye Ordinary

Day 15: Smile

Posted on: April 15, 2013

It’s a beautiful spring morning. The air feels light and fresh. It wasn’t freezing and that made me smile.

The sun was high in the sky at 6:30 as we really got into our practice. It was beautiful.

This morning’s practice was perfect. I’m used to a hardcore power hour vinyasa flow type practice, so going to the sweet and stretchy morning practices has been great BUT I feel like I’ve been cheating since I’m not getting that intense work-out. I miss it. And if i’m honest, I have a fitness goal (to be swimsuit acceptable by July when I go to Mexico) and I feel like these mornings, however sweet they are, they aren’t helping me get toward that goal.

This morning Kath did the crescent lunge flow. Right–flow chatturanga, down dog– Left– flow– Repeat.  It got my blood coursing through my veins. My heart was pumping. I broke a sweat. Mmmmm. Yes! Cardio! She even threw in navasana. It made me smile.

 photo IMG_20130415_105747_zps75168236.jpg

Smile! 😀

I got stuck by a thorn-apple thorn thingy yesterday on our walk, right at the base of my wrist/palm. And it is SO so sore. It hurts when I move my fingers, put pressure on my hand, anyting really. It’s miserable. It made for an intense practice this morning because it was very down dog/plank heavy and my ouchie just was screaming the whole time!

It was definitely a test for my breathing.

I left yoga this morning with a refreshing bounce to my step, a smile on my face, and a bring it on attitude. *Sigh*

Today is going to be a good day!



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