Goodbye Ordinary

Day 14: Lazy

Posted on: April 14, 2013

Two weeks down.

If I hadn’t done this before (and 45ish days of UY) I would be worried that I was getting burned out. Today I feel like doing nothing. I got up and went to the morning class this morning… but since getting home, I’ve accomplished very little aside from taking two naps… cooking/eating… and going on a walk with the boyfriend & littles. Oh wait, I also did do a load of dishes AND a load of laundry.

 photo IMG_20130414_174123_148_zps55b9945f.jpg

 photo IMG_20130414_173934_169_zps631a92da.jpg

 photo IMG_20130414_173823_897_zpsbb893b8e.jpg

 photo IMG_20130414_173623_820_zps8907778e.jpg

However, I have a mountain of clothes that need to be folded on my bed. Like seriously, a 3ft tall monstrosity that is overtaking my queen sized bed.

I don’t wannnnnnaaaa.

I just want to be lazy and do nothing. Tomorrow is Monday already. Back to work. Back to being busy. I want to be blissfully bored for just a while longer.

The kids are watching a movie, after getting tired out (and a little chilly) on our walk. So I think this girl is going to take a super hot bubble bath… then hopefully muster up enough motivation to clear off the bed and put away these clothes. After though, I’m totally thinking it’s a movie night sort of night.




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