Goodbye Ordinary

Day 11: Reluctance

Posted on: April 11, 2013

Warning: This is an extremely whiny post

My alarm went off too early this morning.

I opened my eyes, though reluctantly. They were uber dry (even with the overnight gel treatment drops!) and scratchy. WHERE ARE MY EYEDROPS!? *drop drop* Ahh… 10 more minutes now that my eyes don’t hate me…

My second alarm goes off in what seems like 2 seconds. Are you kidding me?

Reluctantly I got out of bed. Little Miss had joined me at some time in the night because of the storm. After I got dressed and brushed my teeth I almost crawled back into bed “because class hasn’t been filling up in the morning… I have time.”

Little Miss had taken over my spot though and I don’t really care to sleep on the other side of the (cold) bed.

Reluctantly I found my shoe. Singular. I had packed a hot pink shirt for work today and I remembered that my other black with hot pink polka dots TOMS knockoff was in the passenger side of my Suby. Ugh.

I opened the door and it was still drizzling. Ugh. Reluctantly I hopped to my SUV.

 photo A2275A99-C761-4971-95C8-D318AE945912-145-00000015129525B5_zps10c67922.jpg

The only thing I like about the rain… puddles!

42 degrees.

I was cold. I blast the heat and I’m on my way.

I hate the rain. If I could stay at home, be lazy, and just be soothed by the gentle (though not always) sound of it hitting the house, I’d be happy. Since I can’t it makes me miserable and anxious.

In 2010 I totaled my Corolla in the rain. Driving in the rain gives me heart palpitations.

Plus, it smells like worms. Ick. Not to mention the mud, taking over everything. Clinging to my adorable shoes, coating my vehicle so that I always get dirt/mud on my shins/calves. Ugh.

When I got on my mat this morning I just hugged my knees into my chest. I rolled around a teeny bit, but I felt like a slab of concrete. Tired concrete.

I’m ready for savasana. There are only eight of us! We won’t tell! Pleeeeease.

But no. Instead we had a luxoriously languid practice that even warmed my reluctant body. My hamstrings, calves, and achilles tendons feel so long. We did rabbit again, which I think is one of my new favorites, and mmmm, I could almost hear the space between my shoulders sigh with the release of tension.

I love these sweet & stretchy morning classes. One of these days though, I need to go to a power class too. I’m having withdrawals.

My intention for the day was to acknowledge my reluctance but make a choice. Make a choice to move through the reluctance and allow myself to breathe.

Luckily, after savasana I was back to the typical “wooot yoga is amazing” feeling I normally have.

“I wish I hadn’t gone to yoga”—said no one ever.





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