Goodbye Ordinary

Day 9: Spring to life

Posted on: April 9, 2013

Spring is here!

…for today.

I slept horribly last night because apparently something happened to our furnace and both my grandparents and I were awaken to this odd gassy smell… I was convinced we were going to die of CO poisoning… I even checked all the ovens and burners, TWICE. But alas, it was the furnace and my grampa found the problem.

Even so, my alarm went off this morning and I got up. I actually felt pretty decent. Got ready and was pleasantly surprised when I opened the front door and was greeted by the crisp, but just cool, air. It wasn’t freezing! There was no frost! Woooot.

I had a shocking encounter as I got to town this morning, some crazy with a joint in her hand waited on the sidewalk as I got out of my car **before six am!**, to ask me for a lighter. Are you kidding me?

She seemed rather “off”. I gave her a polite “No, I don’t smoke” and went about my way… Creeeeper.

Yoga, day 9.

I did something to my glute in the past few days. It’s sore on the left side. I want to baby it & stretch it out at the same time. I want the lingering pain in it to subside and leave me alone. It’s rather annoying and it’s one of those muscles you can’t even complain about because people raise their eyebrows at you and think dirty thoughts. No people, it’s not ACTUALLY my butt. It’s my MUSCLE. It hurts.

You can tell even the sun is embracing spring, finally. This morning the sun came up early and we got to do our entire practice with the sun beams traveling through the windows. We could see the sun just behind the trees on the horizon. It was beautiful. At least we get a second day of sunshine before the April showers make their appearance. (Bringing along that disgusting smell of WORMS and mud.)

 photo IMG_20130409_081546_zps6145a04f.jpg

We did a lot of shouder and hamstring work this morning. I met it with excitement. My shoulders have been SO tight the past few days. It felt amazing to focus so much energy between my shoulders, through my traps, and down in my arms. I could feel my deltoids lengthening. Mmmmmm. It was delicious.

We did some slightly “weird” strap stretch (I say “weird” because it isn’t really, unless you were an onlooker and then I’m sure we looked insane) for our hammy’s and that was yummy too. There is nothing like stretching to start your day.

 photo IMG_20130409_071504_842_zps99239e7b.jpg

My beaten Manduka eko lite mat: Front & center, soaking up the sunshine as it fills the room.

I had an optometrist appointment at 8, so I hung out in the lounge a while then went and got an ice coffee & sat in the sun outside. It was so nice to be able to enjoy the spring day for a few moments. I breathed it all in.

These are the moments we need to hang on to.




2 Responses to "Day 9: Spring to life"

Be careful of stretching your glute if it’s in pain. I had a horrible situation with hamstring origin tendonitis, adductor origin tendonitis, something with the baby glutes, and my hip. I kept stretching thinking that’s what I needed and it ended up with 8 months of physical therapy and prolotherapy (worst thing ever). Nothing worked. Then I rested for a month and I’m cured! Glad you had such a nice day. Those are the types of days I always try to mentally catalogue. I’m sending you an e-mail shortly sista.

eek that sounds like a nightmare! I’m back to normal now, so I think it was just a strain or something. I’m glad it wasn’t worse, I’m such a crybaby! lol

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