Goodbye Ordinary

Day 8: Joy

Posted on: April 8, 2013

After class, I always have the biggest smile. I can’t even contain my joy. I am usually the last student to leave the studio, because I just do NOT want to let go of that feeling that I get while in that sanctuary.

The other day I was sharing how I felt in the moment right after we said our “namastes” to my dear friend Shelly, and she completely understood.

 photo 24498b63-40d4-4903-8bae-60656f94884c_zpsfd8dda27.jpg

Week One: Done! (That’s me, Brittany)

I’m in love with yoga. Every time I practice, it amazes me that it makes me feel THAT fantastic. I think every class I have ever left, I’ve told the boyfriend right after “It was such a GREAT class. I love yoga.” I probably sound like a broken record, after 18 months of this continued bliss… But, it’s true. Even if I was exhausted, or had a bad day, or REALLY wasn’t feeling it… By the time I’m laying, still as a corpse, in savasana. I’m a different person. I’m happy. I’m whole. I’m the embodiment of joy and I cannot help but to share it.

Today was no different. It was hard to get out of bed. I felt stiff and when I got to the studio and started warming up a little, I realized I was way more stiff than I had thought. Every time I’d drop my chin toward my chest, I felt little crackles and pops all the way down my spine. It didn’t feel good.

But of course, through all of the motion and attention of the class, I left feeling energized and ready for the day ahead.

We did navasana and as my arms and heels were extended high toward the sky, my face broke into a smile. Believe it or not, the joy in that moment was enough to keep me holding on to that shiver for a few more breaths. I’ll never get sick of navasana.

I did have a mini freak-out on my way to work though… I realized that I am supposed to work at our other office sometime soon… Oh no! I went into this month holding on to the goal of 30/30 AT the studio. Sure, I could do a home practice that day… But that isn’t the point! So, I’m going to have to figure out how I can make it to yoga AND go out of town for work (2 hours away!) if necessary. I’ll figure it out. I must.

Until tomorrow,



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You can figure this out, I have faith in you!

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