Goodbye Ordinary

MSY: Yoga Challenge

Posted on: April 1, 2013

Today is my blogiversary! Last year, I started this blog to chronicle my experience during April of the April Challenge: 30 days of yoga AT the studio.

Over the course of the past year, I’ve grown a lot in all areas of my life. Especially yoga. I’ve shared bits here, along the way and I’ve gotten to “meet” some pretty fantastic people through the experience of blogging. I’m sure we can all relate to how giddy it makes us feel when we get that little orange notification that someone “liked” what we wrote. So, as I start this month, I encourage everyone reading this to say Hello, i’d love to “meet” you & I’d be thrilled to get some of the followers from last year back!

**This isn’t my Day 1 post yet, as I didn’t make it to the morning practice today after the super stressful drive home from VA beach yesterday. So if you’re reading this, come back tonight for the update on that!**

In other news, my sweet baby girl turned 3 on saturday! It doesn’t seem possible to me that my kids are getting so grown! We went to a cousin’s wedding on the beach on Saturday, and Little Miss was THRILLED when we got to the hotel just in time for sunrise and that the sky was pink “betuz I wuv pink!! The sky is pink for my birfday!” ❤

 photo IMG_20130330_070232_zps0e8a2e93.jpg

I’m hoping for a healing month this month, following all of the turbulence i’ve been having in my life. Here goes nothing!




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