Goodbye Ordinary

Day 1: Roller Coaster

Posted on: April 1, 2013

Today was one heck of a day. It started as every other day… me hitting my snooze button entirely too many times before finally rolling out of bed and getting myself in gear to head to work.

Then work was normal, slow for a Monday, and super quiet because so many people were still out of the office on holiday. Everything was moving along as expected and I left a bit before five so that I’d have ample time to get to the studio & get a stone before they were all taken.

Well, that’s when things got crazy. I had to pee, but decided to wait until the studio because the bathrooms are nicer… I drove about a quarter mile an was a witness to a near accident. An accident that had anything been a second off… would have probably been fatal. It was one of MY employees and I couldn’t just leave him there to deal with it and possibly get into trouble when I witnessed the whole thing from start to finish, and knew he had not been in the wrong.

So, I stayed there. Missed the 5:30 class, and stood outside in the blistering wind with my driver, and the safety manager, until the Police got there (almost an hour later). Luckily, no one was injured, only minor damage to the other vehicle (from going off-roading over an embankment… thankfully, not flipping!). and luckily, there was another yoga class at 7 that I was able to make it to and not miss Day 1. I would have been crushed had I missed Day 1 and screwed up my goal of 30/30, on day ONE. lol So, thankfully I didn’t.

My body had an adrenaline rush from the time I watched that incident occur, until I was finally in child’s pose, focusing on my breathing, and the shaking calming to stillness. I still feel kinda jittery when I think about it. So close.

If you haven’t noticed, I’m totally a “what if-er” and constantly try to be prepared for the worst case scenario. Plan for the worst and it will never come… But be ready. Just in case.

So, along with my literal roller coaster of immune response, the roller coaster that is a month of yoga has begun. I’m SO ready. I’m so stoked to get back on track, and my goal is first the 30/30 days, then I’m going to start phase 2 of the ultimate yogi, and I’m going to try to complete 108 days. But, we’ll see. I don’t want to get as disappointed as this time, when I didn’t make it so… Baby steps.

I also should admit that my emotions have been on a roller coaster of their own. My heart is still aching from the deaths of Canaan, who I wrote about in Lost, and  little Amelia, who was stillborn to a close friend of mine. My head is still trying to process it all, as well as normal fears and issues.

I need a white sandy beach, some coco-loco’s, my best friend, and of course, that bikini body… Good thing I’m working toward it!

Ohhh Edited to add… I totally rocked paschimottanasana tonight. chest on my knees, hands extended past my feet, it felt amaaaaazing. Especially with my sore calves from those dang (adorable) pumps that I wore on Saturday! Thank you Shoedazzle!

Until tomorrow,



3 Responses to "Day 1: Roller Coaster"

I also started a 30/30 days of Yoga…both day and night. Then – 108 days – yeah – I think I’ll try that also. m.

Good luck Maria! Let’s stay in touch and keep one another motivated! 😀

Will do! m.

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