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My weekend was full of crazy.

Following my last post, I took another step towards letting something go that I’ve been holding onto for entirely too long… Unfortunately, it was a bit counter productive and instead, it led to some more questions, hurt, and anger. Which led to tears, vodka, and a man-hating night. Luckily, I had a girls day on Saturday, a much needed day while my best friend on Sunday, and then a very healing conversation on Monday, despite a stomach bug. Tuesday, my practice was a short fall-back practice, because I was still entirely worn out. So I did my emergency practice of 5 Surya A’s and 3 Surya B’s.

That brings us to yesterday… Got home from work and decided to do my practice right then instead of getting distracted and then not wanting to do it later. Best. Decision. Ever.

I made the intention to get lost inside myself. To get lost in my breathing; in the practice. And I did.

My arms get SO tired during strength. Holding them out in T-position makes them shake by the end, and I have to focus sooooo hard to not put them down. Not to mention the tingling in my legs during the horse series… because my legs are sooo out of shape. But, I know that’s one of the places I *want* strengthened/toned… so I listened to Travis and squatted into it more. That yoga thai chi is an amazing hell. Ha.

But, miraculously I made it all the way through Strength last night, minus the arm balance flow (bad wrists). When it was done, I felt GREAT. I felt rejuvenated and strong. That is the purpose of Ultimate Yogi: Strength.




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