Goodbye Ordinary

Doing “nothing” = bliss

Posted on: January 17, 2013

Travis is totally spot on when he says “Doing nothing, is when everything begins to happen” (or something along those lines..)

Today was Day 4: Yin Yoga, and man, I am going to bed immediately after this short and sweet post because I’m so blissed out right now I feel like it should be illegal.

I was dancing with the line of consciousness so many times during that practice, I couldn’t tell if I was still awake or not a few times. The result? A totally amazing, rejuvenating feeling. I can already tell that tomorrow is going to be a GREAT day.

For anyone that’s never tried it, try Yin Yoga. I couldn’t do it every day, but I’m thinking that this needs to stay in my life at least once a week… forever. Because it really is THAT good. (It’s really great with the wonderful Brenna as an instructor too, if you ever get a chance to take her class for my local friends).




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