Goodbye Ordinary

Strength-ening my resolve.

Posted on: January 16, 2013

So, today was strength (and hardCORE).

I will admit that I didn’t go into it feeling very strong. I was pretty intimidated by the thought of it, and well… that probably wasn’t very helpful. I hung in through most of it. I did have to take extra breaks, and I couldn’t do the forearm plank section for more than a few seconds. Forearm plank is SUCH a killer. Seriously. If I ever want to torture someone… That is on my list of ways to do it.

But, there were moments in this practice I felt… well.. Kick ass. Travis talks about “yoga is empowering” in there, and as soon as he said it… I was like… Totally true story. I also came to the realization in this practice that… (Kath, if you’re reading this… You should probably be prepared…)

I… Love… Warrior.

:O <<shocked face, I know. You probably can’t believe it.

But really. I think my life in the past six months… I was thrown to the wolves, so to speak… First the “You’re being laid off” news… Then, within 8 hours that changed to… “Nevermind, you’re being ‘promoted’…” and then the challenge of all that that entailed. I had to come out of my shell for real. I don’t think that anyone that knows me would ever describe me as being shy. But, there is a huuge part of me that second guesses everything that I do, so having so much responsibility has been a challenge of my spirit.

If you can’t already tell though, I am up for the challenge. I strive for the best in adverse situations, which is why… I’m going to kick it into gear, stay calm through the shaking muscles, and just breathe.

I can do this. I will do this.

The power of positive thinking is amazing.

I also did the HardCore DVD like a good little girl… and I pretty much rocked it. I still don’t have the strength for the forearm plank segment, so I actually did that in regular plank, with the knee to tricep and all that (albeit shaking). But aside from that I managed 18+ reps on everything and was feeling pretty great. I even managed to get to the full 30 with him on 3 (I think). ❤ My favorite is the leg lift section. Owww. But It’s a great oww, like my love for navasana!

Oh and one more side note… Twisting crescent pose (I think that’s what he called it?) totally one of the most satisfying poses I’ve ever been in. Invigorating, yet so sweet.

Now, I gotta get the kiddos to bed. They ruined my savasana, so maybe I’ll even actually attempt the UY guided meditation tonight. Maybe.



P.S. If anyone is wondering, my arms are in more pain than I can ever remember. It took serious effort to put my hair into a ponytail today. Owww. (Truth be told though, as much as I love to complain, I love the ‘hurt so good’ sensation of sore muscles. It reminds me that I’m going to be that much more awesome when it’s over…. and, I’m NOT wasting my time by doing this!)



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