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Back with a new vengeance!

Posted on: January 14, 2013

Okay, I suck. We all know this.

I was so annoyed with some of my other fellow bloggers who had lost sight of their blogs (cough cough, Kath & Kes) but then, I too let it fall to the wayside… Partially because no one was really seeming to “follow” anymore, and why write if no one is going to read it… Okay no… That’s not true… I write for *me*, an having people “like” or “follow” is just an added bonus, but just like everyone else… I want to be liked. I’m an attention whore. “like” away! “follow” me! Stalk me in a NOT creepy or dangerous or unhealthy way. 😛

Excuse my tangent. Lets get back on track.

I’m back. Both to blogging, and to yoga.

I took a hiatus, out of sickness and laziness, and I’ve been aching to get back, but like all things, it sure is easy to put things off and… watch netflix, and eat oreos, while snuggling in your nice warm down comforter.. See, at least I’m honest.

For Christmas, I got a few cash gifts, so I decided to spend them on something awesome. What did I buy? The Ultimate Yogi DVD set. I’ll admit, I’m pretty disappointed with the seller. It came wrapped in cellophane, or plastic, or whatever the heck that nasty stuff is… BUT we all know that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s legitimately NEW…

I was SO excited, finally I’m back from our vacation out west, and I can get to my mat and find myself all over again. (and maybe find my toes… and my abs…) But what happens when it put it in my DVD player? skipping. pausing. NOT WORKING. Are you kidding me!? So, I pull out the work laptop I have at home right now bc it was handiest…


So, then I do the logical thing and LOOK at the DVD. There are a million visible squiggly lines on it!!! THIS DID NOT PUT ME IN A VERY YOGIC MOOD! If I’m honest, I was the opposite of yogic… as I unfortunately had been multiple times today already! RAH! Worst Monday ever.

Pity party over.

But for reals! Brand new DVD set… I checked ALL of the DVDs and they ALL have those crazy lines on them. I tried 2 more in the actual dvd player and same issues. How lame.

Finally I REALLY wanted to do it so I try my other laptop and got it to work, hallelujah! But, I still want to exchange the set because that’s just not okay… So, I may have to take a few days off of the actual legit “Ultimate Yogi” (or I could be all awesome and write down the practices and do them that way but… we’ll see).

Just a heads up, I also plan on going off course, and when I make it to the studio, I’m not going to do the DVD too (unless I’m feeling super hardcore), and I’ll just either replace that days DVD with the work out OR stretch out the 108 days over more days. We’ll see.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Okay, so now a mini post on the actual practice.

Before pic... 143lbs and "soft" aka Skinny Fat

Before pic… 143lbs and “soft” aka Skinny Fat

I had a terrible horrible day today. I needed yoga.

When I finally got the dang DVD working, it was awesome. I have missed it so much! (though I think I need to figure out something for my wrist, bc daily use like this is going to kill it I think… remind me to google some helpful tools–aside from GripIts bc I failed at them… weak wrists be damned!)

I will admit though, it’s been too long since I’ve been actively doing yoga, a class once a week just doesn’t keep your endurance or flexibility at the same level it does when you had a daily practice. I was failing as a yogi… Making bad choices food wise, AND slacking when it came to yoga. For a minute there, I got into “pop pilates with Cassey Ho” that was fun… But, it wasn’t yoga and it was just a fad for me.

Anyway… I was pretty beat after just the warm up session! So then of course he KILLED me in the actual practice. When we got to the floor poses, I could have kissed him! (After wanting to punch him during the practice, specifically when we made the bind in lateral angle.) OW.

I even toughed it out and did the Hardcore DVD like you’re supposed to. The minimum of most, but some extras of a couple. I had to laugh when he put his knee to his elbow in plank though… Not yet for this girl!

Okay… So Day One: Success!

I just munched on an apple, and now i’m going to shower and get to SLEEP.

I’ve missed this.




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