Goodbye Ordinary

Do the Twist!

Posted on: October 10, 2012

Detox yoga.

I am pretty sure I should be doing some more of this. Like everyday. I have entirely too much negativity in my life lately, and I need to cut it OUT of my body.

This month, my yoga studio has a “Detox Yoga” class. Full of compression (and decompression, naturally), twists, and back bends.

I went last night, as my schedule isn’t set in stone and thus, it’s pretty difficult to commit to a particular class/day/time. The detox class was BLISS.

I broke a sweat, my body felt rejuvenated and used, my mind felt clear, and my heart felt lighter. Everything that you want from a yoga practice right there.

The class itself wasn’t quite as flowy as I usually choose, but it didn’t matter, the content was still awesome and it got the job done. I am missing a good vinyasa though, so next week I’m going to really try to go to the Flow class.

I really need to kick my butt into gear and start an “almost daily” practice again. I annoy myself when I don’t do it because I NEED it and I feel sooo much more “me” when I do it. When I skip yoga, I’m like this bitchy, horrible, monster of a person, and I can’t imagine how my family thinks of me. I just can’t battle the stress and negativity without some sort of calming constant. At least I know this… right?

Admitting is half the battle, or so they say.

Twists and backbends are probably two of my favorite things in yoga. I can usually make the binds on twists, and it feels sooo good, except when my brain starts going, and I start to feel like the chick in the exorcist because I’m turned so far around. 😛  Backbends have always been my thing. I was always doing them growing up. I’ve probably spent hours, upon hours, in wheel. Being inverted is fun!

At last nights class, I did “camel” pose for the first time ever. I think I could really like that pose… though I felt a little unstable, like if I extended any further, i’d topple forward and onto my face, and while I’m sure the rest of the class would find that amusing… I didn’t want to tempt fate.

We also did Locust pose, which we don’t do very often. I like locust, it feels soo good on my back, though it is kind of difficult, as it’s not really something our bodies are used to doing.

We also did a brief bow pose, which is one of my favorites. (Yes, I know, I tend to love the poses that most people hate… navasana and dhanura-asana being two of them.)

Well, I should probably get back to work…




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