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Seeing Red

Posted on: October 8, 2012

I’m sure you have all had those weeks where nothing seems to go right, and by the end of it, everything pisses you off?

Last week was one of those weeks. (see the last post for the start of my week).

Unfortunately, it didn’t really get any better as the week progressed. I was buried under a mountain of work at work, until Friday when everything seemed to go into a pause mode and I couldn’t do anything else until someone else had completed the other stages. Fun stuff. Waiting is SO fun for impatience doers like myself. Type A personalities FTL.


Thankfully, I got to do a few of my favorite things on Friday afternoon. I shot a little with the boyfriend over lunch, and then got to go to Happy Hour yoga that evening. Ahh, Kath was even a sweetheart and had us do navasana, though it was a bit quick for me 😛 lol man, how I love navasana.

So, given the crappy week I was having I decided that I wanted to change something.. and of course, the easiest culprit was… my hair.

I find it a little ironic that I was  having an awful week, was in a bitchy mood most of the time… and dyed my hair RED of all colors. 😛 Guess my subconcious took that “seeing red” phrase literally.

It’s a huge change from the mousy brown it had become, but I really like it. Especially when I curled it all purty last night for our friends’ wedding!

Thankfully, I survived the week from Hell. I can only hope that this week is better. Though, if this morning’s incident with the cat was any indicator… It’s going to “piss” me off even more than last week.

Can’t wait for yoga this week. I may even try to get some in at home. I’m missing the (almost) daily thing I had going on when I did the Ashtanga class. I think some Vira 1’s and 2’s really helped put my attitude in it’s place… Heck, next thing I should try is bringing a mat to the office. Lord knows I could use it sometimes.

Until next time…



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1 Response to "Seeing Red"

I just dyed my hair red too! Must be the fall colours!

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