Goodbye Ordinary


Posted on: October 3, 2012

I’m sure my fellow working moms (or dads) can relate to weeks that you sit and wonder HOW you aren’t bald from ripping the hair out of your head… Or why in the hell you CHOSE to do whatever it is that you’re doing, sometimes including being a parent.

This is one of those weeks. And it’s only Wednesday morning.

Mainly, it’s work this week. I really like my job, most of the time. But then there are times like these where things are jussssstttt barely out of my control but “my” fault when they are messed up… and I just get so frustrated. WHY can’t other people keep their end of the bargain? WHY can’t grown adults BE RESPONSIBLE. It’s infuriating.

Granted, I understand…. They’re busy. They work too much (or sadly, not enough). They forgot. They lost it. They didn’t know (although this isn’t necessarily true because I’ve hounded these people for WEEKS). Ecetera, ecetera.

Today, I do not care.

Yesterday, I left work with so much stress I thought I was going to explode. I am not sure if ONE single thing went the way it was supposed to yesterday. Except maybe lunch… lunch was good. I ❤ Subway.

I desperately needed yoga, but I had forgot clothes… so I went home, and cleaned my house. It did the trick and I felt a lot better by the time I went to bed.

Here goes today… I can only hope that it’s not as long as Monday and Tuesday were.

This is just a little note to self: I need yoga. I need clarity. I need serenity. I need patience. I need courage. and I REALLY need balance.

I may close my door today and take a break to om.




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