Goodbye Ordinary

Gentle Intensity

Posted on: September 27, 2012

It seems like the practices that I dropped into in September were more of a sweet nature than I usually go for. Granted, I didn’t “choose” them; but maybe they chose me. I definitely have needed some gentleness to balance out the stressful month I have had in my work life. (Open enrollment is HELL for your HR person, so please, tell them thank you for their efforts. 220 employees + 1 HR person + renewal & open enrollment = a huuuge need for yoga.)

Yesterday’s practice was a gentle, loving flow. Yet, it was also pretty intense. That’s right: gentle intensity. I’m a firm believer that a yoga practice is what you make it. Whether it’s in a studio with a class, or just you & your mat. (or you, your mat, your kids, and some cats >.<) So maybe it wasn’t a very intense practice and I just made mine that way because it’s just what I needed.

All I know is I pushed myself further into poses than I’m usually able to go. I felt like a rubber band and was sooo sweetly stretchy that I was just barely above the floor on BOTH sides of hanumanasana! AND my straddle split was straighter than it’s been since my pregnancy with Little Miss! Though, I couldn’t have leaned forward and not died… It was still a big feat!  (and I know, no pictures. I need a personal photographer that follows me around alll the time).

I still can’t get over how far I’ve come in a year. I remember my first beginners yoga class, and man, I don’t know what I’d have done without yoga in my life this year, it’s been awfully stressful and chaotic. (and can I just say, where the hell did 2012 go!? It’s almost October!)

Well, I should probably get back to work…




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