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It seems like the practices that I dropped into in September were more of a sweet nature than I usually go for. Granted, I didn’t “choose” them; but maybe they chose me. I definitely have needed some gentleness to balance out the stressful month I have had in my work life. (Open enrollment is HELL for your HR person, so please, tell them thank you for their efforts. 220 employees + 1 HR person + renewal & open enrollment = a huuuge need for yoga.)

Yesterday’s practice was a gentle, loving flow. Yet, it was also pretty intense. That’s right: gentle intensity. I’m a firm believer that a yoga practice is what you make it. Whether it’s in a studio with a class, or just you & your mat. (or you, your mat, your kids, and some cats >.<) So maybe it wasn’t a very intense practice and I just made mine that way because it’s just what I needed.

All I know is I pushed myself further into poses than I’m usually able to go. I felt like a rubber band and was sooo sweetly stretchy that I was just barely above the floor on BOTH sides of hanumanasana! AND my straddle split was straighter than it’s been since my pregnancy with Little Miss! Though, I couldn’t have leaned forward and not died… It was still a big feat!  (and I know, no pictures. I need a personal photographer that follows me around alll the time).

I still can’t get over how far I’ve come in a year. I remember my first beginners yoga class, and man, I don’t know what I’d have done without yoga in my life this year, it’s been awfully stressful and chaotic. (and can I just say, where the hell did 2012 go!? It’s almost October!)

Well, I should probably get back to work…




Every time the seasons change I have to reorganize things in all different aspects of my life. For one, my closet; which is a huuuge task in itself. Then there is my office at work… which needed reorganizing due to restructuring of the work force (I now have the office to myself). and also toys… always organization needed when it comes to children and their dang toys.

Anyway, now that I’m the only person in the HR office at my work, I am still trying to find the perfect balance between work/home/yoga. I miss sleep. I miss not having to worry about work when I leave work. But, there are also some benefits. For one, I actually know what all *needs* to be done at the office. So, I have my work cut out for me there, for the most part. I also am able to do things myself and not be micromanaged or do things a roundabout way that doesn’t make sense to *me* and my work flow. So, that’s nice. It is awfully lonely in here though, and I sure as heck could use some extra body heat in this office! It’s FREEZING. The even better news is

I have to remind myself to always make time for at least one yoga class at the studio a week. My sanity needs it. It reenergizes my body and my spirit. I love my yoga family, and I can definitely tell a difference when I don’t go. It’s soo not worth the suffering it causes when I miss a week! lol That sounds so cheesy, but if you belong to a yoga family, I’m sure you understand.

As for my yoga practice… I feel like I’m growing by leaps and bounds lately. Which is amazing to me because my practice has sort of been set to the side due to all of the changes in my life recently (mainly work.. and a bout of sickness). Last week, I was able to put my head on the floor in prasarita padottanasana. I didn’t even strain to, I just bent over and was like “whoa! My head is on the floor!” it was awesome!

Then this week, I was the closest to the full chaturanga vinyasa as I’ve ever been. My arms are still too weak to swing all the way up to up-dog, but I was at least able to lower down AND swing forward a little. It still makes me chuckle to think back to my early yoga days and literally LAUGH when Kath would tell us to “low push up and hover”. Ha. Not so comical once you can do it. Take that, low push up!

I’ve also noticed a huge difference in my reaction towards warriors. Before (see prior blog posts) I loathed them. My yogamama would tell us we’d be doing warriors and I’d moan and groan and hmmph a litttle a lot. BUTTTTTTTT…. Not anymore. Maybe it’s been my confidence shift or my “hardening” because of work, whatever the reason, I totally rock the warriors now.

Now… once again, I am not prepared for a post with photos, so I will edit later to add some visuals. 🙂



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