Goodbye Ordinary

Hammer Time?

Posted on: August 9, 2012

A spot in the hallway.

My dear, dear son, isn’t referred to as “the monster” in this blog without reason. I love the kid, of course. But sometimes, I really really don’t like him very much.

Tuesday night, unfortunately, was one of those times.

We had a good evening, I made a calzone with the leftover dough from the most amazing pizza ever that I made Sunday night, and it was also delish. We were all just hanging out, playing around… then I went upstairs and what do I notice? Weird little dent/divot thingies in my wall, right about Donovon shoulder height… probably in a 2 foot square… crescent shaped.. Hmm.

What do you think made that mark? Who could have done it? WHY would they do such a thing?

“Ohhh Donovon”. Of course, that’s responded by the typical “WHAT MOM!?” that drives every mother insane. (and I did this, and probably still do this…) Now I fully understand the whole “JUST COME WHEN I CALL YOU, DON’T ASK WHY” thing that my mother has told me over a million times.

Finally, he comes in my room and of course, he has NO idea what happened there.. No idea who did that, sister maybe? (Physically impossible, though she did try to take the blame.. “Me do it!”) No idea what was used to do that. The whole innocent act. But, as moms always know, I knew. So instead of waiting I just told him how it happened and who did it. Still, he didn’t want to fess up “It was just my play hammer mom” “I don’t know where it is” “I don’t know why I was in your room” I don’t know why I did it”.

The road to insanity is paved with “I don’t knows”.

He got sent to his room & sentenced to “until further notice” without the wii (and he LOVES his video games). I was very proud of myself, I yelled, but not in a “screaming” sort of way, just a stern “this is SRSBZNS” way, and most importantly, I didn’t give in to him.

Then, I walked into the hallway and looked at about that same height… MORE DINGS! Some of these were even deeper than in my room. RAH. What in the hell goes through childrens’ minds to make them think that crap like this is a good idea? Donovon didn’t have an answer for me.

Luckily, it was on 2 of the walls that had the most issues anyway, and needed to be fixed and repainted… but that’s not the point. There are probably between 50 and 100 little divots.

He used the heavy hammer, so it didn’t even make much noise. His caretaker didn’t hear a thing (he was supposed to be napping, at least, that’s when he claims to have done it).

Gah, children.

In better news, I knew that I seriously DID need yoga after that, it ever so slightly increases my patience, length of my fuse, and especially chills me out. Even though I was thoroughly sore and my arms were screaming at me (and my chatturanga was ridiculous lol) I did 5 Suryanamaskara A’s and 3 surya B’s. Not too bad, though my poor weak arms hate me.

I hopethe rest of the week goes a little smoother. Please send all the spare patience vibes you have.

P.S. I even did Surya A’s and Surya B’s last night too!



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