Goodbye Ordinary

Upcycled Tufted Headboard.

Posted on: July 31, 2012

I’m not sure if I’ve admitted it here before or not… But I am a hoarder.

Not the scary kind on TLC, but the “buttttt, I might need this for some awesome project someday; it has potential” kind. Thus far, it hasn’t taken over my house, or anything crazy like that.. but I do have tons of fabric and random things for “someday”.

One of my projects finally came to a close the other day, and really, this project was just decided on about 2 weeks ago. In the light of the kids getting new rooms, and the spare room going buh-bye (including the queen sized bed in there)… I decided I’d make myself a headboard for my bed. It had a headboard… but it was like, a shelf headboard? and we’d ALWAYS smack our heads off it when sitting up on the computer or whatever, and then if the pillow moved, bonk. SO annoying.

I found some tutorials on pinterest for DIY tufted headboards using pegboard and I was like oooh.. must do that. But then when we threw out the spare room bed… I was like wait.. that headboard (particle board, with ugly flowers and random moulding) has a great shape to it… kinda like what i’d choose if we drew it out and cut it ourselves…. So, I pulled it back out of the burn pile.

Hideous Headboard BEFORE

I came acrossed another tutorial where they used an existing headboard and just drilled holes through where they wanted them to make the tufts… and I set off.

Finally made it up to Joann’s and got 2 yards of a grey corduroy fabric for $13.50. I wanted velvet, but they only had red, BRIGHT blue, and green… not really what I wanted. I briefly considered the uber expensive black they had… but I had pictured it grey so, the corduroy won.

I also got spray adhesive and button kits…   and at home I had batting, and 2 foam mattress toppers that were also being junked, which I used for the foam padding.

Then the next day I set on my mission of making something old and ugly, into something freaking AWESOME.

After poking my finger with the upholstery needle (ow!) a few times, fighting with the stapler (ow!), and some annoyance in drawing the grid on the back for where I wanted the tufts….

Close up of the tufts!

But, the Monster’s floor needs finished first.







6 Responses to "Upcycled Tufted Headboard."

It looks great! What a good use of reusing an old dated headboard.

Thanks! I definitely think it looks better now 😛

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