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Rabid 2 Year Old!?

Posted on: July 26, 2012

My update post got too long the other day.. So I’ll continue on the noteworthy things that’ve happened the past month.

June 30, Little Miss got bit by one of our distant cousins’ cat. It wasn’t a serious bite, but apparently cat bites can be pretty infectious because of all the bacteria, so the process was started: Doctor visit, notify DOH, etc. Her arm healed, no big deal… right?


The 10 days go by and I don’t hear anything back from the owner of the cat or the DOH, which they’d said I would hear if something was up with the cat (supposed to be in “confinement” at the owners house, if ANY changes to the health of the cat, they had to report it). Since I didn’t hear anything I ASSumed that all was good, and went about our life forgetting about the stupid cat bite.

The only noteworthy thing in this period was that I found out the cat had not gotten any vaccines in the past 2 years that they owned it, and they were unsure if the previous owner had or not… This was AFTER the owner told me it was up-to-date.

Then, day 13 my mom calls me and says that the owner of the cat (cousin) posted on facebook her (only) cat had passed away. WTF. Being that it was day 13, it wasn’t perfectly in the time period that is concerning… But, when did the cat die? How did the cat die? Was it exhibiting any signs of sickness PRIOR to dying, within that 10 day period? Could I pay to have it tested anyway being that I am a neurotic worry wort and if that cat had rabies it could possibly have infected my daughter and then she could DIE?!

I rationally tried to get ahold of the owner (16) and her mother, but no success. They had changed numbers/not paid their bills/something. Joy. It was a Saturday. <<Freak out period ensues.>>

By Sunday night, I had contacted tried to contact every person on that side of my family that could possibly have contact info for my cousins… or would know anything about the status of the cat. No one was answering my calls or returning them. <<Freaking out continues.>>

Monday, I finally got confirmation that the cat was dead. It was “put to sleep”, supposedly at a vet. So, I asked which vet? and people were dodging us again. Monday night (after I got my mom, who lives out of state) involved so she was calling everyone AND my grama was calling everyone, and I was calling everyone, we finally hear from the owners grandmother that… THEY SHOT THE CAT on Friday (Day 12) because it “was suffering horribly; it couldn’t breathe”. WTF. <<Freaks out even more hardcore because that IS one of the ways they die of rabies and that mother effing cat should have been TESTED. Obviously it was sick before day 12, it didn’t just wake up that morning and was so sick it couldn’t breathe!!>>

So, I continue researching, everything is pointing towards getting the rabies vaccine. I call the ER, they wanted more info (which I didn’t have), or to talk to our doctor and get their opinion. Called our drs office, spoke with the (new) doctor that was on call, who also felt that she should get the vaccine. It was like 9pm, she was just about ready for bed, the Dr said the morning wouldn’t hurt as it’s already been 16 days.

In the am, I call the DOH at 8am to update them on all I know, they didn’t answer. We head to the ER, she gets the rabies vax. While we’re there we get a call back from DOH who tells us to procede as if the cat DID have rabies since it can not be tested and it could have been exhibiting symptoms prior to its death, especially since they lied and said on Day 10 it was completely healthy.

I find out that the hospital is going to charge me the ER copay EVERY time we return for follow up shots, I’m pissed and frustrated ($600 total), but that’s the only place to get the vaccine so… we’ll deal.

THEN, I was on the CDC website looking up possible side effects of the vaccine (just to know what to watch for JIC), and come across the shot schedule. It was WAY different than what was on my discharge/follow up instruction paper. Nurse had wrote “Day 7, 21, 48?” she was unsure of day 48, but “you’ll be back in on days 7 and 21 so we can tell you then”. The actual POSTexposure schedule is Day 0 (first day of shots), 3, 7, 14. Big difference, seeing as if we’d listened to the nurse she’d have missed her day 3 dose!

I’m still dealing with that error because they just wanted to sweep it under the rug since I DID catch it and it wasn’t an issue. Um, hell no. It IS an issue, because if the PARENT had to catch a HUGE mistake that could have been my 2 year olds life… There is a freaking problem and if I HADN’T been overly neurotic and a know-it-all college student (well, grad) that HAS to know everything all the time, then she’d have missed the dose and that COULD have been a life or death mistake. BIG EFFING DEAL if you ask me.

Anyway, Little Miss is doing fine, she didn’t cry at all for the day 3 dose, and on the day 7 dose she only cried a tiny bit. We go back on Tuesday for the Day 14 dose and hopefully we can start to put this behind us (at least, emotionally, financially it’ll be a hindrance a while longer).

So, needless to say, my faith in hospitals has dwindled, AND my family got a wee bit smaller after the idiots put their DEAD cat over my daughter and thus put my daughter (and I) through this whole mess.


Send a few “oms” my way please yogis.



4 Responses to "Rabid 2 Year Old!?"

Holy crap. Sorry to curse but I imagine you have been doing a fair bit of that yourself…

Yes, definitely. I still can’t believe “family” would have let it get so out of hand. They just screamed “THE CAT DOESN’T HAVE RABIES” and hung up on us. Lovely.

Cat bites can be dangerous since it they can carry the rabies virus. .

My favorite website

Which is why I opted to get her the rabies vaccine! 🙂

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