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Yogamama Love

Posted on: July 3, 2012

As I’ve said before, I started yoga back in November. Prior to that I had only sorta done a few half ass-ed-along-with-the-tv “practices” and I totally had no idea what yoga was REALLY like.

Since November I’ve become accustomed to the practice and no matter what we do, it’s always what I need. I love the people, I love the space, I love the motion, the breathing, the prana, and I love my yogamama.

Last week, Kath was on vacation and the wonderful Brenna stepped in for the drop in class. I always love Brenna’s classes too, but without Kath there, it felt as if something was missing. Brenna, like every yoga teacher has a slightly different style. So far, she is the only other yoga instructor that I’ve experienced. Her Yin classes are amazing, and her flow classes are fun, and I enjoy them tremendously.

There is just something about your first though… I’m used to Kath, I can sort of anticipate where she is going next in the practice, and I think I let myself go, even more than I do when I’m on my own even. I am so glad I met her, and I feel so privileged to be able to practice under her watchful eye every week. She’s quickly become one of the constant’s in my life, and though I’ve only known her for a short time, she has been with me through every step of my yoga journey this far, and I feel like I owe her so much for being there with me <3.

I love my yogamama, how about you?!

…I just realized I don’t even have a picture with her. Now I’m annoyed, my post is incomplete! lol


2 Responses to "Yogamama Love"

Oh my!! I am so touched. Thank you for this tribute, Brin. You said you love the people, you love the space, the motion, the breathing, and the prana. ME TOO! It’s a freakin love-fest in that room, isn’t it?? I am over-the-moon in love with this yoga practice and the people who come to play in that playground. And YOU are a HUGE part of the reason I love what I do! Without you and the rest of the yogarians, there would be no MSY, and I wouldn’t get to live my dharma. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. And about the lack of a picture of us? Let’s remedy that one SOON!I

I wish I could simply “like” this comment 🙂

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